Lisa and Jim

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How We Met

Jim and I met on We had been communicating thru emails and text messages back and forth. After realizing we had many common interest Jim asked me on a date. As a rule for online dating, I always meet in a public place where I feel comfortable,and I don’t allow a date to pick me up. Same was true with this date. Jim picked the location and time. I got there first and was sitting in the sitting area at this very elegant restaurant. I was impressed that he picked such a romantic place for a first date. Having only seen pictures of Jim at this point, I was watching closely as each patron entered the restaurant. The entrance was all glass and you could see into the valet parking area. That is when I saw Jim drive up. I didn’t know it was him in that red BMW but I certainly noticed the apple red sporty car. Then when he stepped out of the car to hand the valet the fob, I knew it was him. He looked just like his pictures, which is not always the case with online dating. I felt relief and I began to relax. I watched him walk to the door and when he stepped into the foyer, I was all smiles! He instantly recognized and hugged me and the hostess seated us. Funny thing is, the hostess seated us side by side, not the normal across from each other. It turned out to be a benefit and our chemistry was undeniable. We started talking, we ordered our food but never took a single bite. Four hours later Jim declares that he really must go because he has a co-worker from out of town waiting to meet with him at the hotel bar across town. Later I found out that is was his escape plan, should the night not go well. That poor guy was patiently waiting. We still laugh about that to this day. Jim took our food, that we never touched with him to the co-worker as a peace offering! After that date, I knew I had met my “match” and immediately took my profile off the dating site. Several days later Jim did the same. It was the beginning of happily ever after.

how they asked

It was February. I love February!! One- it’s my birthday month and two- Valentine’s Day! As we always do, we were discussing what plans we wanted to make for Valentine’s Day Jim asked if I wanted to go to New York or Greenville SC. To me, that was a no brainer but Jim knew how much I love Greenville SC and he wasn’t sure about taking time off from my new job. Of course, I chose NYC!! At first, I thought he may propose so I mentioned how I am sure many people get engaged or married on Valentine’s Day and since Jim knows me so well, he said how cliche’ and besides that would not be a surprise and I would want it to be a big surprise! It totally made sense and thus threw me off that thought process. We had already been to Paris, he didn’t propose and Spain still he didn’t propose so I figured okay New York he won’t propose. I am okay with that and I relaxed. When we arrived in NY Jim had already booked our weekend and we knew the things we would be doing. Because he is a planner, I thought nothing of it. Night one, we went to see a Broadway play “Phantom of the Opera” Amazing and top notch!! Day 2 we had planned to see Statue of Liberty and of course, The Empire State Building. It was so cold that our breath condensation was freezing on the face masks we wore! But love warmed our hearts! The history of the place is something special! Me, being into the history and eating up the knowledge and not to mention the views, had no thoughts what so ever of what was about to be. Jim and I had just bought a nice camera so we could get great pics from up there. But we had none of us together. Jim asked a man who was passing by if he would take a picture of us together. The man said of course. He snapped a couple and Jim said could you take just one more pose? The man said yes and when I started to lean into Jim for the pose he had dropped to his knee….. Tears filled my eyes and my mouth dropped open. A huge crowd had gathered at this time and I looked at Jim as he said, I know God brought us together and I know I want to marry you…Lisa will you marry me? I grabbed him so tight and said YES!!! I really didn’t even see the ring until he stood as everyone was cheering, clapping and yelling congratulations as he placed the ring on my finger! It was so surreal and everyone was coming up to us and shaking our hand and offering their congratulatory comments! He had surprised me (which is not easy to do) it is a moment that will live in my heart and mind forever! Simple, yet romantic! I have found my prince! I am never letting go!

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