Lisa and Jess

how we met

Fate really is a thing! Our love story begins when Jess and I had our desks placed directly across from each other during an office move at the financial firm we work at. We started off as friends because he would make me laugh every day. We had identical senses of humor! Not to mention, he was the only friend I had who would understand Roth Conversion jokes with me! He started to become the best part of my days so when he asked me to get a drink with him after work one day, I couldn’t refuse! On our second date I remember thinking how I could talk to this man all night without running out of conversation and felt like we had known each other for years. When he later told me he felt the same exact way after that date, I knew we were meant to be (along with the fact that we could work together all day and not get sick of each other!) Ever since, I could not get enough of him.

how they asked

He surprised me for my twenty sixth birthday with plane tickets for a trip to Italy! It was a place I had always dreamt of going to since I was a little girl. He decorated our apartment with the colors of the Italian flag, cooked me a delicious homemade dinner, played “That’s Amore” on our speakers, and painted me a beautiful picture of Positano. So romantic, right?! It’s hard to find an old soul like him these days! We are both half Italian so we were so excited to explore our heritage together. I hung the painting in my office at work and every day for nine months I dreamt about being there with the love of my life. Little did I know he was going to pop the question in the exact picturesque location from the painting. Fast forward to our trip in May 2019 where our first stop was Rome followed by the Amalfi Coast. Our first night in Rome, we walked to the Trevi Fountain in the pouring rain. We only had one coin and Jess, being the selfless man he is, let me throw it into the fountain. I tossed it over my shoulder and wished he would propose to me on this trip in one of the most romantic countries in the world. Of course I didn’t tell him because I wanted it to come true! After sight seeing in Rome another day, we headed down to the coast. We stayed at an amazing Airbnb in Praiano right on the water with a breathtaking view of Positano and Capri. As we sipped limoncello on our patio and watched the sun glisten onto the water, I felt like life could not get any better. On our second day there, we decided to take a bus over to Positano. We couldn’t wait to check out what this town was all about! We started the day by ordering espressos and checking out all the shops. The lovely smell of the lemon trees surrounded us. We headed down to the beach next. We looked around in complete and utter awe. The views were so unreal and we were so excited to finally be there that we HAD to take some pictures! We asked a tourist to take some of us. Jess told me to go up to her because she had a professional camera. We smiled for a few different poses and then I hear him say “wait hang on, Lisa I have something to say.” Before I knew it he was on one knee asking me to marry him in the exact spot from his painting! All I remember is my jaw dropping to the floor and the girl Mia taking our pictures screaming! It was the moment I had dreamt of since we met over three years ago coming true and it felt so surreal. It was by far the happiest moment of my life! The diamond was stunning and gleaming brightly in the sun. Once the shock wore off, I finally said yes! I am so grateful that we were able to capture that special moment in pictures to relive and show our family and friends! I was truly on cloud nine. We celebrated with brunch on the water followed by popping champagne on the dock waiting for the private boat Jess booked us (unreal, I know!). We cruised along the coast up to Ravello, Jess swam through the freezing cold caves and we sipped champagne. The entire day Jess had planned could not have been more thoughtful or romantic. He has always made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world but this was the icing on the cake. I cannot wait to marry this creative and loving man (handsome too of course)!

Jess Esposito, I love every single thing about you. You have taught me how to let my guard down and let love in in a way I didn’t know was possible. You constantly make me a better person and I am SO excited to be on your team forever! You spoil me to no end and I am forever grateful for you. You deserve nothing but a lifetime of happiness that I promise to give to you :) I love you baby! Now lets get married!