Lisa and Jason

How We Met

It all started back in March of 2012 during my lunch at work (school). I was sitting with the third grade team, when Kim (Jason’s brother’s wife) asked me if I was single. I was, but told her, “No, I’m not single.” Then, she told me how Shawn (her boyfriend at the time, but now husband), had a younger brother named Jason. She began to explain how Jason was a lacrosse coach at Drew University and had amazing blue eyes like his father. Well, that night, I “friend requested” him on Facebook, but by accident! I was scrolling through his page when I accidently hit the “request friend” button. Jason accepted my friend request instantly and sent me a message. He said how my colleague was just telling him about me. We exchanged phone numbers and continued talking for 2 weeks. After really getting to know each other, he asked if he could take me out on a date. On Sunday, March 18, we went out to Sol because I told him that I loved Mexican. He showed up at my door with flowers…but not for me! They were for my mother because I told Jason that it was her and my dad’s anniversary. When we got out to his truck, he had roses laying in the front seat for me.

how they asked

As told by the groom to be…

That Sunday morning began as always with Lisa and I going to St. Elizabeth’s for church. The plan was to go to church and then spend the day at Old York Cellars Winery in Ringoes, NJ. I put the ring in a little jewelry bag my mom gave me and placed it in my left pocket. I had to put it there because Lisa always sits on my right and when we held hands, I was afraid she might feel it. We made it to the winery and things were going well. We started out with a tour that was supposed to be an hour long. 20 minutes later it ended and I needed to kill some time. We went for our own walk around the vineyard and then made our way up to start our wine tasting. We enjoyed some wine and chocolate pairing and the nerves began to rise! After the tasting, we made our way outside to enjoy a picnic. The second Lisa laid her eyes on the table, the tears poured! ;) The table was set with flowers, a little picnic basket (Thanks Mom), and a wine bottle with our custom label. A picture of us, the words “Mr. & Mrs. Rieg” and a quote from our favorite song.

It was at that point that I knelt down, holding Lisa’s hands, saying I Love You and I asked her to be part of my life forever. SHE SAID YES!!!

To top off the day, Lisa’s sister Krista popped out of the bushes and surprised her with pictures and video of the whole thing! Once we finished there, we went to Lisa’s house where her mom put together a perfect little celebration for both of our families. We had the opportunity to spend that perfect day with our loved ones, and we can’t begin to Thank them enough for everything they did! We love you!

Image 1 of Lisa and Jason

So that is where it begins….. and we look forward to every step we will take together!

Image 2 of Lisa and Jason

Image 3 of Lisa and Jason