Lisa and George

How We Met

George and I met at our college’s fitness center on December 9, 2009. I was working there and he was playing basketball. I noticed he had a great shot. I immediately went out to the court to shoot at the basket next to him (I was supposed to be working). George came up to me and introduced himself telling me that I had a great shot. I challenged him to a game of ‘Around the World’. He won the game but we both really won in the end. We stayed close for years  and realized we didn’t want to be with anyone else. We officially started dating on May 1, 2012. Every year we go to our college fitness center to celebrate another year of being in each other’s lives.

how they asked

It was an extremely memorable past week. George and I went on a cruise that made national news because it endured a hurricane and had to be turned around. It was this cruise that George planned on proposing. Later on he had told me that the night he planned on proposing was the night the boat hit the storm. At the time he wanted to make sure we would be safe so he put the proposal on the back burner for the moment. He was leaving to go back to Oregon on Valentine’s Day, so when we returned from the cruise we didn’t have that much time left together. We were bummed about returning early and that he was leaving. With an hour left, George went outside on my deck to play with my dog. I went outside. As we laughed about how silly my dog was, we finally started feeling better. He bent down on one knee, my dog came up next to us as if to watch, and he asked me to marry him!

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