Lisa and Casey


How We Met

Casey and I met in our freshman year at UCLA. We were both instantly intrigued by the other. I thought he was out of my league and he thought I was out of his! So, we started out as “just friends” until our group of friends took a trip to Lake Tahoe over the holiday break to celebrate New Years. On New Year’s Eve, we spent the whole night together playing games and joking and laughing. After coming up with about a thousand nicknames for me throughout the course of the night, Casey finally kissed me at midnight in the midst of champagne showers out in the snow. It was the most special way to ring in the new year (and the rest of my life) because we’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

Ever since I can remember, my family has taken an annual trip to the same beach house in Sea Ranch, California. It’s one of our favorite places on Earth and even the place where I said my first word and took my first steps. This last Christmas, Casey was invited to join us – the first outsider to ever be included in a family Sea Ranch trip! He loved it just as much as I did and could see how special of a place it was to me. So, when he was ready to propose, he and my dad secretly planned a proposal trip to take the whole family there “for my dad’s birthday”. The trip just so happened to fall on our 3 year anniversary of dating as well – how convenient! When we arrived, Casey asked if I’d like to take a walk just the two of us to celebrate our anniversary.

So, we took off down the trail that winds along the ocean until we reached our favorite viewpoint – a bluff that jets way out into the ocean. We take this detour every time we walk down the trail, so I didn’t think anything of it when Casey led me that way. I was still so oblivious at this point, that I was gathering rocks for the both of us to throw into the water and climbing all over the place. Finally, once Casey got me to settle down, he asked to take my hands and my heart instantly started beating a thousand miles per hour. That’s when he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him and of course I said yes!




We then got to spend the rest of the weekend celebrating with my parents and two brothers, adding yet another life long memory to the collection in our favorite place.