Lisa and Brandon

How We Met: In December 2013, I decided that it was time to start looking to buy a house. After the plans to build a home in Royal Oak didn’t work out, I was discouraged. Yet for some reason I felt the need to drive by a home I saw online that was one of the prettiest I had ever seen.


I called my agent and asked if it was available for me and mom n pop in an see. Within ten minutes she met us at at the home and shortly after walking in the door, I fell in love. Although it probably seemed crazy for a single woman to buy a four bedroom, 2200 sq. foot home, the idea of building a life in a such a beautifully created place on a street named Houstonia just seemed right.IMG_5594

On February 10th, after some encouragement, Brandon (the listing agent) appeared at the closing of the house and we met for the first time. A few weeks later, Brandon emailed me in attempt to show me around the city. We officially spent my 30th birthday weekend together among family and friends.

From there we spent ten out of the next twelve days together. More time than either of the two of us spent building a new relationship. The desire to be together was clear. We fell fast and hard. In August Brandon rented out his home and moved in with me. By September we were off to Europe visiting my brother and exploring the world together!

how they asked: Brandon planned the most elaborate surprise day for us to share. He initially told me were were going to have a day of adventure shared with his brother and girlfriend. The night prior to, she sent me a text message saying she was called into work and they wouldn’t be able to join us. Secretly I was ok with this because I felt myself coming down with a cold.

Brandon called his brother and said how upset he was that the day he had planned was no longer going to happen. I felt awful, but told Brandon we could just spend the day the two of us. The next morning my cold was worse, and Brandon gave me an out. He asked if I wanted to spend the day in bed watching movies and he would make me soup. I refused to let my cold get the best of me and I could see how much he just wanted to go out and have fun.

The agenda of activities included a handful of stops around Detroit. First we stopped for tea at the Guardian Building, then a morning stroll though the Belle Isle Conservatory and tour of the grounds. From there we took the long way to Woodward Ave and found a parking spot near Wayne States campus. We ran up to the entrance of the Detroit Public Library and took in the muraled ceilings and stained-glass windows. When we approached the second story Brandon pointed out a book sitting on a bench.


I sat down and noticed my name on a ribbon stuck inside the book. I remember thinking, “oh this is going to be a first clue on a scavenger hunt!” I opened the book and Brandon dropped to his knee. With his voice cracking he managed to tell me how madly in love he was and would love to call me his wife. It was the most romantic gesture ever. The second Brandon opened the box with my engagement ring inside, I tossed the book to the floor, my phone went flying and I said, “Are you serious?!” I followed with “Oh my god, YES!” I was in shock. I had no idea.

Flashing lights of his brother taking photos blinded me and caught the sparkle of my beautiful custom ring. His brother, Brett approached to congratulate us and I said, “Where is Maggie (his girlfriend)?” He laughed and they let me know that it was never a plan for the four of us to spend the day together. I was fooled but all for good reason! Little did I know it was not the end of the surprises for the day. Brandon followed up with taking me to lunch at my favorite restaurant, La Dolce Vita where we had a champagne toast.

On the way I called my mom, sister and best friend. They were all so happy for us. After lunch Brandon drove us to what seemed like the middle of nowhere. We met with a group who jumped out of their cars and asked to see my ring, congratulated us and asked if I was excited for the next adventure. We were going on a ride in a hot air balloon!

IMG_6808This surprise topped it off. I had been wanting to go on a hot air balloon ride since I was 5. Brandon couldn’t have picked a better day to do it. The ride was truly spectacular. I couldn’t believe how calm life could be so far off the ground. It was breathtaking. After the balloon ride, Brandon called his mom on our way home. She was thrilled for us. We arrived home and Brandon had a bottle of champagne and flowers waiting. We ended the night with family and friends at a local bar toasting to love and what was next. It was the best day a girl could ask for. What an amazing man I get to marry!