Lisa and Bailey

Lisa and Bailey's Engagement in Big Bear, Ca

How We Met

We met in P.E. during 10th grade in our hometown. I remember the first time I saw him I fell in love. I knew that we were going to get married. After we started talking we because best friends and 5 months later he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been glued at the hip ever since.

how they asked

We planned to go to big bear during our spring break because our anniversary is on March 28, 2013. We arrived on the 26th of March and took a long bike ride. We rented a cabin and brought food for dinner that night. He told me to go iinside because my gift was in the car. When he came in he handed me a dress he had bought for me years before and told me he made dinner reservations for us at the Pines Lakefront. When we got there the restaurant I saw that it was a few feet away from the lake. We ate and then when we finished we decided to take a walk along the lake. His voice changed and became very soft and sweet. He was telling me how much he loved me and how the last three years had been amazing. And then he knelt down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I was crying and of course said Yes! I always knew it was him and it always will be :)

Special Thanks

My whole family and his
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