Lis and Andy

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How We Met

Andy and I have known who each other were for the past three years. Andy was a Division III Assistant Basketball Coach on the team that my little brother played on. We ended up officially meeting Fall of 2015 and started actually talking in the Spring of 2016 when Andy started attending the yoga classes I taught at the same university. I later learned that Andy remembered the first time he saw me at a game three years ago and he remembered exactly what I was wearing (I included a pic from this game and we both are in it!

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Andy is right behind my brother (#25) cheering and I’m in the stands in a purple sweater/shirt also cheering with arms up!). I stood out to him and it was amazing to learn how Andy had desired to pursue me for so long. He intentionally introduced himself to me that fall and even intentionally planned to attend yoga to get to interact with me more! Post yoga chats turned into coffee dates, which lead to a beautiful relationship and now a future marriage!

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how they asked

Andy proposed on the day that I thought we were celebrating our 1 year anniversary. All I knew about the date was that he was going to pick me up from my house at 2pm and that we had 5pm dinner reservations, I was so excited to celebrate a year with him! 2pm came around and I heard honking coming from outside. Andy always came to the door to get me so it took a while to realize the honking was for me. I went outside and found my brother and his wife in their car. They told me to get in the car and that they were taking me to meet Andy because he had a fun 1 year date planned. The first stop was at the Punch Pizza Andy and I had our first dinner date. Inside the restaurant I found Andy’s brother, sister-in-law, sister, 5 nephews and niece (their families drove from Arkansas and Tennessee to come to Minnesota!). They presented me a handwritten card from Andy along with the same menu we used on our date. The card directed me to the next stop, Caribou! My brother and sister-in-law then drove me to the coffee shop Andy and I had our very first date, Caribou Coffee (we are HUGE fans!). Inside Caribou I found Andy’s parents, they presented me another hand written card from Andy and an Earl Grey Tea (the drink I ordered on our first date). At this point I was in awe at all the people involved in this 1 year date adventure! :)

The second card lead to the third destination, the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, where Andy first said “I love you” to me. When we arrived my brother and sister-in-law walked me across the bridge and on the middle of the bridge were my parents. They had another card from Andy for me and a little gift. The card let me know that Andy was the next stop on my trip down memory lane. My family then walked me the rest of the way across the bridge where I saw Andy waiting for me (there was even a violinist playing music there!). I said goodbye to my family and then Andy took me for a little walk. At this point I was ecstatic to be with him and a proposal wasn’t on my mind – just our dinner reservations at 5 pm! We walked along the river where Andy stopped for a moment and started laying out a blanket. He suggested we stop and take in the view. Before I knew it he had me stand up facing him and his eyes started welling up with tears. At that moment I knew and starting crying too as Andy got down on one knee and proposed!

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I said YES right away and we spend the next few minutes enjoying the moment. Andy then showed me that my family got to watch the proposal from the bridge and he had his brother taking video and his sister-in-law taking photos the entire time!

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To end a PERFECT DAY Andy had one more surprise, he planned a engagement party at my grandparents where 50 of our closest family and friends were to celebrate with us :) He knew how important family was to both of us and he planned the sweetest engagement. It was absolutely perfect and I loved going down memory lane and having both of our families apart of the proposal.

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