Linzy and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met our freshman year of high school. We soon began dating after that, both at 14 years old. Michael and I are huge sports fans, our whole world revolves around them. We actually won biggest sports fanatics in high school. Our first conversation was fitting for us because he commented on the key I was wearing around my neck, which was a college team key, (Zoey 101 style) and said that that team was going to go down and his team was going to win. I then argued back and actually knew what I was talking about and from that day on we were inseparable.

how they asked

Michael works for a sports team in our city, and he told me that we were going to an operations lunch at one of my favorite restaurants back at home. So I got dressed up for this lunch and he began driving there. We recently got a English bulldog puppy, named Callahan, and he was with us because we were dropping him off at my moms house nearby. My sister then texted me saying she was fishing with a childhood neighbor, and she asked we meet her there to meet Callahan. When we got to the fishing pier, which was near a park I grew up going to as a kid, nobody was there.

I called my sister and she said they were getting bait so just wait for them there. We took Callahan on a walk and Michael began talking about our very first conversation, the argument about football. We then got to the sea wall and he began saying more sweet things about these past 8 years together. When finally he got down on one knee.

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He had my friend, who is currently in photography school capture the whole moment!

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I of course said yes!

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