Linyi and Ruixiang

How We Met

We’ve been together since 2016, we met at school. We were classmates in Brown University both pursuing a master’s degree. The difference is that she had already been in Brown for her bachelor degree for 4 years but I studied in China for bachelor degree and only came to Brown for Master’s. We first met on 09/08/2015 in a restaurant where all Chinese students who were majored in Computer Science were invited. And she was seated in front of me. I noticed her because she said she was from a city in China which is super close to my hometown and also I felt she was the most charming girl in that party. After the party, she sent a Friend request to me in WeChat and we had some chatting on that day over WeChat, which I think is our official first meet. But back then I had a girlfriend so we didn’t hang out or even chatted often. We officially started to hang out since Feb 2016.

I invited her to a bar near the school for our first date, which was on 02/13/2016. We talked a lot about our life, our dreams, our ex, etc. We got super drunk then. I thought. In fact, she can bear much more liquor than me and hence she was very sober to watch the whole thing. Then she invited me to her house. And she gave me another round of tequila. I became drunker. However, somehow I strongly insisted on coming back home and then I indeed went back to my house and fell asleep. And that’s what I did on the first date. :)

How They Asked

Linyi rented a beautiful hotel room for us in Santa Monica, CA – hotel Casa Del Mar. Our room looked over the ocean and we arrived around sunset. When I walked into the room, it was completely decorated with rose petals, twinkle lights, and photos of us! The windows were open and the sun was setting – it was so beautiful and such a surprise! Our song was playing in the background and our sweet corgi was with us as well. It was such a dreamy evening!

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