Linsey and Patrick

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How We Met

Patrick and I met nearly 3 years ago when I moved to Chicago. We were introduced through my best friend, Bri, whom I’ve known for nearly 20 years. She and Patrick went to school together, and he had come over to pick up some tools Bri had borrowed while we were moving into our new place. Patrick and I instantly bonded over the discovery that we both loved Doctor Who. When he left that night he immediately texted Bri to shame her for not thinking to set us up, and she invited him to our housewarming party that coming weekend. Patrick and I spent most of that party in the kitchen (primarily in front of the fridge) talking, and went on our first date two nights later, June 24th 2013.

Ever since that night, we have been nearly inseparable, growing closer together and bonding over everything from our favorite color to our love of Disney and Star Wars. He is my best friend and I would be lost without him.

how they asked

Two weeks ago I woke up thinking that it was a typical Monday. I came to work, had plans to have a fancy French lunch with Bri (she and I work in the same office these days) and was feeling really good about life in general. She had informed me that morning that the hotel where we were going for the lunch was also hosting a Broadway in Chicago event and there would be props from different shows that have been in and are coming to Chicago. She informed me that most likely there would be Beauty and the Beast props, which is my all time favorite Disney movie, so I was extra excited for our afternoon away from the office!

We arrived at the Chicago Hilton and headed up the staircase, passing a couple workers in blue blazers who waved us toward the ballroom, and right outside we were greeted by two photographers, who I assumed were part of the event. “How cool!” I thought. Then I saw it; The Enchanted Rose. It was the only thing in the center of the ballroom, and when I looked up and around, I was stunned. This place was breathtaking, and I remember thinking that is was was the perfect place to put the rose because it was the closest ballroom to the original in the movie I’ve ever seen. Absolutely breathtaking. Bri took my coat and told me to go up and take my picture with it, so I walked up to it, asking her if she would be joining me. “Yeah in minute, you go ahead.”

I walked over to the rose and I realized that as I approached, “Tale as Old as Time” had begun to play, and I immediately got tears in my eyes because it felt so magical. “Of course there’s music! Disney magic!” I thought to myself, as I tried not to geek out too much over this amazing prop.

As I inspected the rose, I saw someone in the corner of my eye, way off in the far right corner of the room, but they looked to be in the same outfit as the hotel staff I’d passed before and didn’t think anything of it. After a few more moments, I could feel that this person was approaching me, and I looked up to see Patrick walking towards me dressed in a beautiful royal blue suit coat, white shirt, and yellow tie.

I was very confused.

“Hi…” I said, surprised to see him and thinking, “What are you doing here?”

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He held his hands out for mine, and as I walked towards him in front of the rose, he took my hands in his, and he explained that he had put all of this together for me; that he wanted me to have everything I wanted and to be everything that I wanted. It slowly started to dawn on me that this might be the big moment, and as I started to think, “Is he doing what I think he’s doing? Is he getting ready to propose to me?!” He got down on one knee, and pulled out a ring box. My heart started racing, and all I could think was “Oh my gosh. He is!? Is this really happening?!”

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I remember gasping in shock that he was now down on one knee and then gasping again when he produced this GORGEOUS ring from his pocket. We shared a moment and he said, “Will you marry me?”

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“Oh my gosh! Yes! Yes yes yes!” was what I managed to get out, my heart and head still racing. I leaned down to kiss him because I couldn’t wait for him to get up or do another thing, and he put the ring on my finger, stood up, and kissed me again.

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“Tale as Old as Time” had been playing in the background the entire time, and after we stood up, he attempted to romantically dance with me, but my legs weren’t working very well, so it took me a moment to pull it together. Once I recovered the ability to dance, we slow danced to Tale as Old as Time and I kept asking, “Is this real?!”

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“Yes, honey, I’m not Jim. This is real.” (We’d just recently been watching a LOT of the Office together :) )

Then, Bri informed me that we didn’t have to go back to work (score!) And Patrick had lunch planned for us downstairs. Oh, and WE GET TO KEEP THE ROSE!!

As we started to leave the ballroom, Patrick asked if there was anyone I wanted to call, and I said, “My mom. I have to call my mom, should I do that now or wait til we get to the restaurant?”

“Well, why don’t you wait until we get downstairs” he replied.

We left the ballroom, and walked down to a lovely restaurant in the hotel, and made our way back to a private room. Turns out my mom was waiting there with Patrick’s parents as an added surprise!

It was truly the most magical proposal, and better than anything I ever imagined.

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Special Thanks

Nick Shanks
 | Photography
Grace Glasgow
 | Photography