Linsey and David

How They Asked

I kind of knew David was going to propose but he completely shocked me with when and how. I’m not that easy to surprised because I will ask questions or play investigator until I do. I totally expected him to propose the night before he did. So as frustrated as I was about it not happening, I proceeded to go on with the girls day I had planned with my besties the next day. We were going to the rooftop bar I hadn’t been to and I was so excited for a cute Instagram post. David stayed home in his pajamas and we were off! I didn’t expect the proposal at the bar because we had just left him at home in his pajamas and that boy takes forever to get ready.

Linsey's Proposal in Fahrenheit, Charlotte, NC

We got to the bar, got drinks and started Instagramming everything. The skyline, golden hour photo shoots and of course boomerangs. THAT’S HOW THEY GOT ME. I was so focused on the most perfect photo that when David snuck up behind me (less than 15 minutes after we arrived!) I was in complete shock. We had just left him at home! Apparently, he had showered and put his pajamas back on and I hadn’t even noticed! So many of my friends were there to celebrate after the most perfect proposal ever! My friends and fiance actually surprised me!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Fahrenheit, Charlotte, NC

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