Linnea and Taylor

How We Met

Taylor and I met in College at one of many parties. We had mutual friends but had never met up until this night. We instantly had a connection and began to talk the entire night with many laughs in between. We departed our separate ways that night. However, We continued to see and seek each other out between classes and every weekend for several months, always ending the night together. The best part being that we didn’t have each other’s number. We never texted, called or used social media as a communication tool. It felt very old fashioned and there was never a sense of rush or urgency, rather a memorable period of getting to know each other and forming a relationship. He was (and is) such a gentleman; walking me home, taking me on dates on a college budget and always including me with his friends. Five years later we are engaged and continue to laugh more often than not.

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how they asked

On a European trip, our last stop was Sweden. We both share a Swedish background in fact Sweden is a Huge part of my ancestory with two sets of great grandparents immigrating to the U.S. from there. I am even named after the National flower- Linnea. I grew up with a father who was so infatuated with the culture and traditions of Sweden, while also making up is own bizarre traditions and just adding the word Swedish in front of it. Such as our annual “Swedish Christmas Gift Hunt”. So of course Sweden was at the top of my list of places to travel to.

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