Linn Merethe and Theodore

How We Met

Teddy and I met in Jamaica and hit it off right away. After the night we met, I hoped I would see him again but the odds of that happening I knew were slim. I barely even knew him, I was a Norwegian studying in Miami and he lived in Connecticut. After he friended me on Facebook and we visited each other a few, times, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Teddy and I dated long distance for five years. After two years, I graduated and I moved back to Norway to live out my dream and play professional women´s soccer. After five years of traveling to see each other, Miami to CT, CT to Norway, he finally made the jump to come live with me in Norway. We lived together and our love grew even stronger than it was, which was hard to believe. After being together for one year, he proposed, we got married, and now recently had our first child. Most importantly, we´re still madly in love with each other, always and forever.

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I was getting ready to head to my soccer practice on a beautiful sunny day when I saw that it had been canceled. It is rare when you play professional soccer in Norway and practice gets canceled. My boyfriend, Teddy, then suggested we make a “beach day” out of it. He invited along some friends and we all went to the beach to relax. We were laying in the sand for 15 minutes when out of nowhere, a helicopter came down close to the beach. Everyone turned, then one of our friends suggested we go see what all the fuss is about. Once the helicopter landed, the pilot exited and said that this helicopter was for “Linn” and he was looking around for someone by that name. Ted cracked a smile and I knew he was up to something. He asked if he could come along and of course, I obliged. We went on the helicopter and flew over the turquoise water and sandy white beaches of the North Sea, the mountains, and famous Norwegian fjords sat in the background.

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We landed on an island, Rennesøy and were dropped off near a harbor. Teddy then told me he had another small surprise for me. A small boat was now going to bring us back to town, but after a few minutes, a giant yacht pulled up to the dock. A woman got off and yelled, “This is for Linn.” Again, Teddy acted surprised and asked if he could join me with that same cheeky smile that he had when the helicopter arrived. We sailed into the mouth of Lysefjord where we ate sushi, drank champagne, and fed each other strawberries. When we got to this beautiful cascading waterfall, he suggested we take a break, stand in front of it and have the captain take our picture.

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Linn Merethe and Theodore's Engagement in Stavanger Norway

Suddenly, he dropped to one knee and pulled out a magnificent diamond ring. He asked for me to marry him and I have never felt so lucky! After wiping away my tears and saying, “yes”, we sailed back into Stavanger harbor. When pulling into the harbor, I could see a large group of people waiting for me. My friends, soccer team and coach were there to celebrate with us. They climbed on board for drinks and we watched the sun go down. After, we had drinks at a bar along the harbor before walking home. I will cherish this memory forever.