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How We Met

My life was forever changed back in junior year of college when I first met my now-fiance, Jeremy. We met at my 21st birthday party and immediately hit it off as friends and, after a long series of on-and-off-again/will-they-or-wont-they for the remainder of school, we started officially dating right before graduation in 2013. Then follows the best 5 years of my life. I can honestly say I have found my partner and best friend in the world.

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Jeremy supports me, comforts me, encourages me, constantly makes me laugh and is always there for me when I need him. Everyone who knows Jeremy knows that he is one of the most genuine, caring. selfless, optimistic, hardworking people out there and I can’t believe I went 21 years of my life without him in it; I feel like I have always known him.

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how they asked

Fast forward to our engagement, which also begins with my birthday, October 3. Jeremy had just opened a business and was working that weekend so he told me to block off the following Friday the 13th because he had planned something for us to celebrate. I excitedly agreed, thinking we would do some of my favorite fall activities like apple picking or pumpkin carving. I am not one to ruin surprises so I asked no questions except for what time to be ready, to which he surprisingly replied “Thursday straight from work and pack a bag” because apparently, it was more than just a day trip, it was an entire weekend away! I had no idea where our trip would take us leaving from San Diego-it could be Mexico, LA, Palm Springs, or pretty much anywhere within a couple hundred miles of home. Turns out our weekend away was in beautiful wine country out here, Temecula.

A little backstory about my fiance and me- we fell in love with wine when we moved to California two years ago. We moved from NYC, taking a leap of faith and leaving the comfort of the big apple without jobs or even an idea of where we would land. We took two months to road trip up and down the entire state of California to find our new home and basically stopped at every vineyard we could along the way, coming out of our trip with over 30 bottles of wine and a better understanding of vineyards and all things wine-related. We ended up setting down in Sunny San Diego, but our love for wine country will forever be something we share from our trip.

Ok back to the story! So we didn’t arrive in Temecula until after dark Thursday and we checked into our room at Carter Winery, a vineyard I had never heard of. The resort was beautiful, complete with our own little villa with vines literally steps from our patio. When I asked about why the hotel was so nice (I didn’t want him to splurge on my birthday), Jeremy “claimed” that it was a new winery and they had some insane deal so he booked it. We went out to dinner in downtown Temecula and passed out pretty early, we were both exhausted from a long work week. I am not the best sleeper so happened to wake up around 5 am and noticed Jeremy was gone. As I was getting up to look for him, he strolled in saying he had gone on a run and had ordered breakfast for us by the pool so we could go watch the sunrise and hot air balloons take off. It was truly a perfect way to start a day.

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Once we finished breakfast Jeremy said the only thing really planned for the day was lunch which wasn’t until later so he asked if I wanted to go for a walk and explore the vineyard until then, so we got ready and headed out. We started our walk around the vineyard, passing all the different types of vines and taking in the amazing views on this perfect, clear day in southern California. During our walk, we came across what I could only assume was a wedding ceremony venue, complete with an aisle and a breathtaking view at the end. We walked over to check out the view and I noticed a small plane in the sky. My dad and grandfather both had their pilots licenses so I started spewing out a list of random facts, distracted by the only plane in the sky. Jeremy tried to direct the conversation to our future and more serious topics, but my oblivious self was completely focused on this plane.

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Finally, Jeremy literally turned me to face him and took off my sunglasses and placed them on the floor, saying that he wanted to see my face. I said ok, not sure what he was really talking about until he turned around in a kneeling position holding an open box with the most perfect pear-shaped diamond ring and my heart immediately started pounding and all I could say was “oh my god”. He followed with a perfect speech about us, our past, our future and ended with a single question of “will you marry me?”. We had discussed the idea of getting engaged before, but we had discussed maybe Fall of 2018 so my immediate response was “THIS ISN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN UNTIL NEXT YEAR” followed by me crying and basically yelling out “YES!”.

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After the happy tears subsided, we headed back to our room to get ready for lunch. I opened the door to our room, which was covered in rose petals complete with a bottle of champagne opened and ready for us to celebrate. I tried calling my parents to tell them the news but they didn’t answer, so Jeremy and I agreed to hold off on announcing anything until I was able to tell them first. I was still in complete shock when we eventually headed to lunch, where I was even more surprised to find both my family and Jeremy’s family (who had flown in from New York) cheering and yelling congratulations to us.

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The tears started again. It turns out Jeremy had asked my parents permission a few months earlier and had been planning this amazing weekend ever since. We spent the rest of the trip wine tasting and celebrating our engagement and even went pumpkin picking in Julien the next day! I still pinch myself every day to make sure it wasn’t just a dream, but it’s not. I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend in the world and I can’t wait for our forever.

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