Linh and Kyle

how we met

Kyle and I met as interns the summer of 2012. We knew of each other but had little interaction since our work rarely overlapped. When the summer was over, Kyle went back to Penn State University to finish off his last semester and I returned to Temple University. Kyle received a full time offer to return in January 2013 and I received a full time offer to return in June 2013. This is when we rekindled our friendship.


how they asked

Kyle: The proposal was in Iceland, at the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon on a beach called “Diamond beach”. The beach gets its name from the chunks of ice that break off from the glacier and then wash ashore a black sand beach where they glisten like diamonds in contrast to the sand. It happened after a very long day of sightseeing and was a complete surprise…Linh’s first reaction was actually that I was messing with her. Due to the remote location, I planned to DIY the whole thing and would take the pictures myself with my GoPro/tripod and some luck. Fortunately, it all went pretty smoothly and I was able to find a really picturesque iceberg on the beach that was isolated from other people. The only hiccup was when a wave came and almost took us both out to sea while I was still on one knee – luckily we both got out of the way in time and she already had the ring securely on her finger!

Special Thanks

J&J Studios, LLC
 | Photography
Brulee Catering
 | Caterer