Linh and Adam

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How We Met

It’s funny really, how we met. In today’s world, social media dominates a lot of peoples lives. So it was no surprise to me that I were to meet the love of my life on Instagram! I had thought that Adam looked familiar, so I went ahead and messaged him to ask if we had met before. It turns out that we had met a few years back through my best friend, Jessica, who is now my maid of honor! We hit it off instantly. I never thought that I could ever meet a person so incredibly perfect for me.

One of the most attractive qualities about Adam is that he is all about his family. I’ve never met a man that loves his family so much. I’ve also never met a man that wanted a family of his own so badly. Fast forward a couple years into our relationship, we were extremely blessed to find out on one of our vacations (in Venice!), that we were pregnant!

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We couldn’t have been happier!! We welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world on March 16th of this year.

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how they asked

Adam is a huge WWE fan. He would always have it on in the background, I would always make fun of him and tell him to change the channel. For some reason, Adam somehow got me hooked on it as well! We would always talk about how cool it would be to see one of the big shows. So one day, Adam suggested we go to New York to see SummerSlam. So we did! We both have never been to New York, so the whole trip was pretty exciting.

We got there Friday night, walked around Chelsea Market, and explored The High Line. We knew the next morning was going to be an early one, so we opted to go back to the hotel at a decent hour.

Saturday morning…Adam told me we had bikes reserved in Central Park, and he requested them to be delivered to us at Gapstow Bridge. We are walking around trying to find a gentleman with two bikes. We keep walking and can’t find him. I’m getting frustrated at this point. As we were walking, a man stopped us. He told us he was doing a story on how people find true love, and he wanted to share with us a story on how one couple met and found true love. I thought he was just one of the many odd balls that we have already encountered in New York. Then he hands me a piece of paper.

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It was Adam and I’s first conversation! I was in shock, but knew what was about to happen. Then he got on one knee…

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We both don’t remember what he said! It was all such a blur, all I could hear was my heart beating out of my chest!

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The man that handed me the piece of paper ended up being our photographer for the afternoon. I’m so thankful that he captured one of the best moments in my life.

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