Lineth and Enrique

How We Met: Our first date took place by the beach on 2010. It was the most romantic and beautiful experience ever.

how they asked: Just one month after I gave birth to my daughter it was our 2 year and 6 month anniversary. He had told me to get ready early because he had something nice planed out and he wanted me to wear a nice dress and paint my nails nice because it was our two year six month.


I was wondering well why so early wearing heels and a dress on a Thursday (a work day). As the day came he blind folded me and told me not to be afraid and I was already freaking out.


Once he took of the blinds I came across a helicopter and I said wow charlie tango like the 50 shades!


Amazing I was astonished but I am afraid of heights. It was a life experience, but once the trip was going to end he told me to start taking pictures because he was tired and it was my turn.


I started to take pictures and he was talking to the pilot about construction in the area over the water edge and I as I got closer I saw right by the shore it read “Lily Marry Me”.


I took a picture turned around and there he was with the ring in the box. I started to cry and kissed him and said “yes” its beautiful!