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Lindy's Proposal in Snaefellsnes peninsula in Iceland

How We Met

We are truly a MATCH made in heaven! We met on but our paths had crossed a few times before without knowing it. We both share a passion for golf and in the summer of 2013, I had been playing in a golf league with some work buddies when I noticed a beautiful blonde putting on her golf shoes in the parking lot. I pointed her out to my buddies but thought she may be too young to ask out (little did I know that Lindy is a year and a half older). I tried to proceed with my golf round as usual but could not forget about the girl in the parking lot that day. Meanwhile, Lindy had reached her wits’ end with her Match subscription after many failed dates. Her mom encouraged her to give it one last shot with a guy whose profile had recently caught her eye. Little did she know this would be the man who she would end up marrying! Lindy went against her normal approach to Match (let the guy reach out) and contacted me and asked me to play a round of a game that she played with family and friends regularly called “favorites”. We messaged back and forth a few times, sharing all of our favorites in life and realized we had too many things in common not to meet in person. When looking at schedules, Lindy said that she was pretty open to meet except for a golf league commitment on Tuesday. I was surprised to hear that because I had a golf league as well on Tuesday at the same course. Suddenly, it hit me, this was THE girl from the golf course parking lot! We each invited a friend to our first meeting (you can never be too careful) but hit it off and quickly realized we didn’t need anyone else around! That first meeting led to our first official date (and a first kiss under fireworks) and ultimately a streak of 10 days in a row seeing each other. We couldn’t get enough of each other and still can’t today.

how they asked

In March 2017, we decided to take our first journey abroad together to beautiful Iceland. After several days of adventures including hiking on a glacier, chasing the Northern Lights, completing the Golden Circle sans tour guides, befriending Icelanders, and standing under many a waterfall, we embarked upon a two day group tour to the beautiful Snaefellsnes peninsula. After a long bus ride there with many explorations along the way, we landed upon the Langaholt Inn, where we would stay for the evening.

Our tour guide encouraged us to take a walk on the beach before sunset, as there are beautiful views of snow capped mountains in that region of the peninsula. As we strolled along the beach, we took a moment to take in the breathtaking views surrounding us (and to snap a picture or two, of course). As we were taking it all in, one of our fellow tour mates, Anna, happened upon us. Mike asked for her to take our picture in this most brilliant of spots. It was then and there that our lives changed forever.

As Anna went into photographer mode, Mike looked at me and asked if I wanted this picture to last a lifetime. As he got down on one knee, time slowed down in a way that I can’t fully explain. Everything got fuzzy, warm and slow mo.

I literally felt as if my heart would burst from my chest. Then time sped up and then some. Not knowing what to do with such an abundance of joyous energy, I did a little dance (an engagement jig of sorts), almost fell back completely, and squealed and gasped in delight. Mike was filled with a mixture of tears and laughter at this most raw reaction, and couldn’t get out the words…so I took them from him and exclaimed, “YES, YES, YES!”

We embraced and celebrated, in awe of the moment and the breathtaking scenery. Then we remembered sweet Anna was there and had just been trying to take a picture. Little did we know that she had gone into full documentary mode and had switched it to video on the fly to capture the biggest moment of our lives. We can never thank her enough for doing what she did and for the true joy she shared with us in those precious moments on the beach.

We headed back to the inn, ready to relive our tale and share the great news with family/friends back in the US and to newly made friends who were on our tour. We had just started our calls when we heard a member of our tour group shout that the Northern Lights had come out to play. Mike had always hoped to pop the question under the lights, but the forecast had been iffy at best. In the most perfect surprise to cap off our incredible night, the stars and lights aligned for us. Over the next hour, we witnessed the most brilliant Northern Lights display. The sky literally danced for us and we ooh-ed and aww-ed with our tour group, as they congratulated us in many different languages on our engagement. Our group may have been from all over the world, but they spoke a universal language of love and excitement, and that special night under a fully lit sky is one we will never forget.

Our wedding journey began when a girl said yes to a boy on a beach in Iceland on March 29, 2017.
Our life journey will begin a year and a day later when a girl and boy say I DO under beautiful live oak trees in Charleston, SC on March 30, 2018.

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