Lindy and Michael

Lindy and Michael's Engagement in Chicago, IL

How We Met

It was 2011 and I was working at a local Chicago bar, I had seen this blue-eyed babe come in a few times and I always remembered how handsome and how nice he was; this blue-eyed gentleman happened to always order the same beer; a Guinness. One time he came in and with a pep talk from some of the servers and kitchen stuff I handed his perfectly poured Guinness and my phone number. Fast forward 4 weeks later and sadly I still hadn’t heard from him or seen him around, he was usually in on a regular basis so I thought oh no I scared him off. A few days later he walks into the bar and although I didn’t know it then but this man was about to walk into my life at the perfect time and at a time and while my world turned upside down he would change for whole life.

Proposal Ideas Chicago, IL

So after giving him a hard time about never calling and a crazy although confirmed not made up the story of stitches and hospitals, he apologized profusely and we agreed to hang out soon. We began dating enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other and out of nowhere, my health took a turn for the worse. One afternoon while we were out to lunch I fell to the floor and had a tonic-clonic seizure; many doctor visits, tests, seizures, and hospitals later I was diagnosed with epilepsy. He was by my side every seizure, every embarrassing moment they put me in, every hospital stay and all the life-changing events that go along with epilepsy. He never backed down, never bowed out; love is not only butterflies and sparks but it’s also the strength and calmness when you’re going through the storm and you know your person has your back.

Lindy's Proposal in Chicago, IL

How They Asked

Fast forward 7years later and we had bought a house about 4 years prior and in our City, they have a huge early St. Patrick’s Day celebration- that has become quite a large tradition for us, remember that Guinness? We enjoyed a day of drinking Guinness, eating food, celebrating with family (both sides hanging out) and the famous big wheel race. After the day of fun, we all went back to our house, without even knowing my sisters helped Mike light candles and set a romantic fire in the fireplace.

In front of all our family, in our home along with our 3 cats and our dog Mike dropped down on one knee. He said a TON of insanely beautiful words about our life the last 7 years and us being made for each he then pulled out the most perfect emerald ring (do you see an Irish trend?) I, of course, said yes through tears and family screams and cheers.

A week after we got engaged I went in for spine surgery I was pretty much on bed rest for months following our special day, Mike still hasn’t looked back and still hasn’t left my side. I have now been in physical therapy since May and I’m working so hard and putting my all into rehab to get back better than ever and be able to walk down the aisle, dance and enjoy our special day with no pain or limitations! It’s been quite a journey but love can overcome anything!