Lindsey and Michael

Lindsey and Michael's Engagement in Washington DC

How We Met

Sometimes you meet a person and you just click. You’re comfortable with them like you’ve known them your entire life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything, but yourself. Little did we know, we’ve known each other since we were in high school. My family knew a lot of Michael’s family, but Michael and I never fully connected until now. Lindsey was in a long term relationship, and the Military brought Michael all over the world. Finally when the time was right Michael noticed I was going through a tough time so he sent me a Bible quote through Instagram. Usually I never opened messages from people I didn’t know, but something inside told me why the heck not! From that moment Michael and I started talking through Instagram chat. I was living in Boston, and Michael was living in Texas. Little did we know both of us came from the same hometown, Portland, Maine. Michael would always send me photos of the beach saying he wanted to drive his jeep there, eat pizza, listening to music watching the sunset with me.

Or send pictures of couples traveling the world. My mind was hooked, and of course all of my friends were looking at me crazy because I was falling in love with someone I didn’t even talk to on the phone, let alone meet. I remember at one point asking Michael, ‘This isn’t a Catfish situation right?” After talking through Instagram for three days Michael then sent me his number and the simple message, “shoot me a text if you ever want to talk.” Obviously I text him immediately. We started talking about children, marriage and just the future as a whole. He would send me little photos of himself in his car holding signs saying he loved me. It was a fairy tail through texting, and again we had never even heard each other’s voice. After a couple of weeks texting nonstop Michael then brought it to the next level saying we should talk on the phone.

I remember my heart dropping, and going over in my head om-gosh what happens if his voice sounds like a girl?!? I was very curious, and in love with Michael at this point so I agreed. I remember sitting in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot an hour before he called freaking out. When we finally talked it was the beginning of forever. I remember saying to myself that I was going to marry this man. The first thing Michael said was how he just left the gym, but that he saw a man leave the gym and walk into a pizza shop. I started laughing, and grew even more comfortable with him. After a month of talking on the phone Michael text that he loved me. I still wasn’t ready to say it even though I wanted to. I would always say “yea, me too.” It was on the Fourth of July I looked and he had wrote the words “I love you.”

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I Still couldn’t say it, but sent that I was in love with him. After a day I then told Michael that I loved him. I then learned that Michael was coming back to Maine for the month of August, and wanted to spend personal time with me. At this time, Michael and I had said we loved each other, and knew we wanted to marry each other before even meeting each other. It was crazy, but felt so right. Michael drove from Texas to Boston, and I talked with him the whole way as if I was driving with him. When he first pulled into my apartment complex in Boston I couldn’t believe that I was finally meeting the man I fell in love with. When we hugged and kissed it was as if I met my soulmate. My whole body went numb, and I knew Michael was home, and my future husband. I felt like my world was just him and I.

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During that month of Michael being home we spent every second together. We would go back and forth between Maine and Boston. I remember coming to my car, and seeing a build a bear Michael made me. It was dressed exactly like him, and when you pressed the paw it was a sweet message. He gave me this because he was moving to Belgium for work. When I met his mother I was very nervous because she didn’t like any of Michael’s previous girlfriends. They fell in love with me, and encouraged Michael to marry me. When Michael left for Belgium he left me his whole bottle of cologne to spray on Michael bear and my clothes. I remember there would be nights I would listen to Michael’s voice through the bear and cry.

He left me sweatshirts that I would spray the cologne on, and random love letters I would find. it was as if a part of me was missing. After two weeks I traveled to Belgium where Michael and I spent two weeks. It was as if we never left each other. When Michael and Lindsey first met they would talk for hours and hours about their future, and how they would be in love forever. Michael says, “I’ll always remember, and never forget how she took my breath away. It was God who led me to her.” Michael knew he wanted to marry Lindsey almost immediately. He spent weeks designing her ring, and could not wait to ask her to be his wife.

how they asked

Business brought Michael to Washington, D.C. It was there he drove by the Jefferson Monument knowing instantly that would be the place he would ask the love of his life to marry him. On Lindsey’s end, she was about to board a flight from Boston to Washington D.C. for what she thought was to sight-see and spend a couple of days with Michael. Little did she know the care package of M&M’s from Michael’s Mom and Todd held a box with the ring in it. Although she spent hours getting searched and held up at airport security she still had no idea that her future began with what was in the bag.

Finally arriving in DC, the two jumped into an Uber. With God’s will, a blind Uber driver, and about a two mile walk around the river walking hand and hand under the stars they finally made it. Lindsey remembers Michael repeatedly saying “why are there so many middle school children running around? It’s past their bedtime shouldn’t they be home it’s eight o’clock.” Lindsey kissed Michael on the cheek saying how they were in DC and at one of the most popular tourist sights.

After a couple of selfie stick moments, Michael was able to walk Lindsey around the side of the Monument to a perfect spot looking at the Washington Monument. Michael finally got Lindsey to stop taking selfies long enough for him to get on one knee. With her hand in his, he asked her to be his wife and spend forever with him.

Lindsey began to cry saying repeatedly “om-gosh.” While Lindsey covered her face with her hands Michael recalls her not even seeing the ring for the first twenty minutes. “It was by far the absolute happiest moment of my life,” says Michael. ” I cannot wait to marry Michael!” says Lindsey. On July 8th, 2017, Michael and Lindsey could not be more blessed and thrilled to start their future together as Mr. and Mrs. D’Andrea. “We are thankful to God for bringing us together, and allowing us to cross each other’s paths at the perfect moment in life.”