Lindsey and Kyle

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How We Met

One day in the ninth grade I was scrolling through Myspace and came across the cutest boy ever! I looked at his profile and saw that he went to the same school as me, and we both have mutual friends on our top eight. I decided to message him.. Hey you’re cute. Kyle said you too! We messaged back and forth for a little and decided to hang out. Both being only 15 his mom drove him to my house. Both of our parents had zero idea of how we actually met. We watched a movie, and that was the start of it all. I remember telling my cousin this is my future husband I will marry him one day. Of course I thought I was just 15 and “in love”. We went on to date all throughout high school and college.

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how they asked

It was Father’s Day weekend and my mom told me she had a fun filled weekend planned at Walt Disney World for him. On Friday night my mom asked me and Kyle if in the morning we would go check into Be Our Guest restaurant which is in Magic Kingdom. She told me that she had a surprise for him at the restaurant that is why someone out of the party had to be their early. I thought nothing of it because my mom always does fun little surprises for everything. Saturday morning comes and I am not feeling well at all. Kyle is trying so hard to just get me up and dressed. We finally get into Magic Kingdom and I notice there is not one else in the park.

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I immediately start snap chatting because I have never been in the park when no one else is! We begin to talk up main street and Kyle asks me if we can take a picture. I keep telling him no because I don’t feel good, but he keeps insisting on taking a picture. I finally give in. He pulls me over to the side, and next thing I know he is down on one knee!

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Special Thanks

Mark Dickinson
 | He captured our proposal!