Lindsey and Will

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How We Met

Will and I were in the same small group for Camp Crimson (OU’s freshman orientation camp!), and over the several days, we got to know each other a little bit and became friends. Over the next three years of our freshman, sophomore, and junior year, we remained friends and went to several date parties together. We always had a lot of fun at these date parties, and loved dancing with each other. I knew Will was someone special, but was always guarded to think of us being more than friends because I knew it could be the real deal, but wasn’t sure how I felt. Will had been trying to find the right time to ask me out over our college years, and when I had finally asked him to one of my date parties at the end of our junior year, it gave him the boost he needed to ask me out on our first date, right when senior year started.

After finishing sorority recruitment, I went home for a couple of days to recoup, and I was at lunch with my mom and sister when Will called. We had not really had any communication over the summer, so it was definitely out of the blue. However, I did not answer because I was caught off guard and needed to gather my thoughts since the reality of him asking me out had been building up for three years. Will ended up texting me right away asking me to coffee, and we set a date and time the Thursday of the first week of school in August. Will picked me up from my class and we went to Crimson and Cream. We caught up and had a fun time hearing about each other’s summers. It was really exciting for Will when he brought up going on a second date, and I was on the same page as him. We proceeded to go on a couple more dates over the next couple of weeks to Scratch and Syrup, and each date, just got better and better. He then asked me to be his girlfriend at the end of September at the end of one my date parties, and I was thrilled!

In the early months of dating, we felt like things were moving on really well and in the right direction, often talking about where we saw things going and how we felt about each other. By the fourth month, we finally verbalized “I love you”, but we had been both feeling it for awhile. Shortly after that, we started talking about marriage and were both thrilled about the thought of getting to spend the rest of our lives with each other! This was certainly an easy decision for us since we were able to be friends for awhile and see the consistency of each other’s character knowing that it would translate well into marriage.

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how they asked

Will wanted to propose somewhere on campus at OU that was private and a scenic place to pop the question, but still kept like the sentiment of our special time at school. We went on a walk along our favorite path on campus after getting lunch in OKC. We ended up in the Sarkey’s courtyard, and he popped the question, and I said YES! Both of our parents were watching from afar and we got to celebrate for a bit before heading to the engagement party. SO many of our friends and family were there, and it was such a sweet time to celebrate our engagement and ultimately God’s faithfulness through it all. We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives together!!

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Special Thanks

Melanie Foster
 | Photographer