Lindsey and Wesley's Christmas Lights Proposal

Image 1 of Lindsey and Wesley's Christmas Lights ProposalHow we met: Wesley and I met while working at Chick-fil-a (as a matter of fact, we still work together!) The first time our eyes locked, I knew there was something different about him. I felt the typical butterflies in my stomach of course, but I also felt something else that could only be describes as assurance, because we were certainly meant to be. I would always catch Wesley looking at me through the corner of his eye, and he would conveniently take his lunch breaks at the same time I took mine. He would casually ask me what my weekend plans were, or if I was doing anything after work to which I would quickly respond with “Why?” I’m not sure why I gave him such a hard time, but he never gave up and our love began to grow and still continues to.

how they asked: Wesley popped the big question in Callaway Gardens at their Fantasy in Lights Christmas Show. We stayed two nights in Callaway, but didn’t see the Christmas lights until the second night. That first night, I begged Wesley to let us see the lights and then just do something else the second night. Little did I know, he had already made arrangements with the trolley service and Callaway Gardens’ wedding planner to ask me the second night.

The next day, we walked around the grounds. He had been acting odd all day. Anytime we ate, he would only finish a few bites of his meal. He also stared at me for long time periods. When I asked him why he kept staring he simply replied, “I just really really love you.” I was worried he was catching a stomach virus, because he would complain of nausea and didn’t want to eat much. He only ate a few bites of his dinner before we headed back to the Fantasy in Lights to board the trolley that would take us to see all of the spectacular lights.

I tried to board the trolley early (much to Wesley’s worry and frustration). I didn’t know why we were the only ones waiting for a specific time slot while everyone else simply hopped on board! When we arrived at the gates, Wesley left me to hold our blanket while he awkwardly made his way to the front of the line. He seemed to be looking for someone. I watched him talk to five people before he shyly came back to take the blanket. I rolled my eyes, thinking he was trying Image 2 of Lindsey and Wesley's Christmas Lights Proposalto be a rule follower and make sure we could board the trolley out of our time slot. We soon boarded the trolley where much to my surprise, we were allowed to have an entire row all to ourselves! While everyone else was crammed in tight, Wesley and I happily spread out and made ourselves comfortable. Before the trolley left for the wooded area where the display the lights, a woman who worked at the park approached Wesley and I. She asked us what our favorite part of the lights were to which Wesley replied, the Snowflake Valley. I had never been to see the lights before, so I simply nodded in agreement. (This woman was the driver of the trolley, and she needed to know where to stop so Wesley could ask!)

Wesley took his jacket off a few minutes before we entered Snowflake Valley. He claimed he was “burning up” and I thought my suspicion of his stomach virus was confirmed. The Snowflake Valley was beautiful! It consisted of long strands of white lights hanging from every tree. The trolley stopped, and a woman approached us saying she needed help screwing in one of the lights that had become loosened. Although it made no sense to me, Wesley jumped up and pulled me off the trolley up to a tree surrounded by white Christmas lights. He dropped to one knee, and I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world, because I said YES!