Lindsey and Tyler

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How We Met

As a long time single wedding planner, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to find the man of my dreams and plan a wedding of my own.

After years of dating the wrong people, I had been set up and let down many times until I finally decided to just focus on my business and just let it be. In 2015 one of my creative partners/friends said she would like to set me up with one of her lifelong besties, Tyler. “He’s seriously the greatest guy!”, she said. While I trusted her opinion, I brushed it off at first, choosing instead to focus on work…But that didn’t prevent our paths from serendipitously crossing.

Later that year, Tyler was a guest at one of the weddings I planned for two of his best friends. Together we helped an over-served groomsman. Then, he was working on site at a building where I was meeting about a grand opening party and we ran into each other in the parking lot. The following year, I had planned his boss’s wedding, and he was, again, a guest at a wedding I was working. Each time we met, I had the most positive impression. I noticed his eyes, his friendly, polite, and sweet demeanor, and I couldn’t help but recognize that something about him felt familiar.

Lindsey and Tyler's Engagement in Skylight in Denver, Colorado

Though the timing hadn’t lined up, on April 6, 2018, our paths crossed again, this time at a downtown Denver bar where we were both out celebrating the Colorado Rockies opening day. Tyler and I ran into each other in the bar, each with groups of mutual friends. Amidst the celebration, we did a pickle shot together, and by the second bar, we were inseparable and together ever since.

Lindsey's Proposal in Skylight in Denver, Colorado

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It was a fast a furious courtship, but we just knew. After day three, Tyler told his mom he had found the one, and that he was going to marry me. All of a sudden everything fell into place! Nothing has ever felt more natural. We have the same values, goals, and visions for our lives and future. And although we were together for only 8 months before our engagement, as crazy as it sounds, we really feel like we’re soulmates. Like we’re just picking up right where we left off. We are similar, yet different, and complement each other in the best ways. Looking back, it’s easy to see why the timing didn’t line up, but it’s clear the Universe was trying to get us together. We finally found our way home to each other.

We both feel so lucky to have finally found each other and every day feels like a blessing. We’re still learning about each other, but having fun and enjoying the journey! I just found out Tyler doesn’t even like pickles, let along pickle shots. But as he puts it, he was willing to do whatever he needed to do to finally get close to me…. it worked!

How They Asked

To decompress after a wild wedding season, I took a girls trip abroad and Tyler slipped a sweet card into my suitcase. He always writes me love notes, and I love them, but this one was extra sweet. His words highlighted how proud he was of my hard work all summer, and how much he adored me and the life we were building together. He ended with, “…now hurry up and get home so I can ask you to marry me!”.

Because I’m a planner (by nature and by trade), Tyler knew he had to be extra creative and crafty to surprise me. After a couple of weeks traveling to three countries, I returned home to my love, and he had planned a romantic weekend getaway for us to escape to Vail and Beaver Creek, complete with couples massages, amazing dinner reservations, shopping, lots of champagne, and endless opportunities for me to think ‘OMG, this is IT!!!’ Coming home on Sunday evening without a ring had me slightly disappointed, but knowing we had a visit to Palm Springs, CA planned the following weekend, I held hope that maybe he was waiting to do it with my family present since we would all be there together. We returned home to Denver after our West Coast trip (where the engagement, once again, did not take place), and I figured he would wait until the upcoming Holidays since I would be working the following weekend. Little did I know, Tyler had been chatting with my team, orchestrating this surprise proposal all along!

For my event planning business, Bello & Blue Events, we do annual photo shoots to get new headshots, and take group photos together for holiday cards, website and marketing materials. We always have a blast doing them, and love working with creative partners to produce and set the stage. This year, I asked if Tyler wouldn’t mind stopping by to bring our dog(team mascot), Charlie, at the end of the shoot so we could take a few photos with her as well. He agreed and stopped by in a ball cap, flannel, and jeans to say hello and drop her off. I thanked him, kissed him goodbye, and he left. Or so I thought… In actuality, he just drove around the back of the building, snuck in the back door, and slipped into the kitchen so he could change into a suit and wait for his cue.

Once we wrapped our group photos, the photographer and videographer asked me if they could shoot the back of my beautiful dress and staged me with my dog for a few pics. At that time, with my back turned, Tyler snuck up behind me with two dozen red roses and the most beautiful diamond ring, ready to propose! I literally had NO idea. While we were “on set” in a room full of people, my team, the photographer, videographers, and venue representatives, everyone disappeared in that moment and it was just the two of us. Tears rolled down both of our faces as he whispered the sweetest words and promises in my ear before dropping to one knee and popping the question.

I enthusiastically responded with the biggest “YES!” of my life, and the celebration ensued! I’m so grateful he chose this opportunity to ask so I was able to enjoy this special moment with my amazing team, who are also my dear friends/sisters, and to have it so well documented so we can always look back and recall this special day. The best day! It was absolutely perfect, and I am so excited to enjoy being on the other side of weddings, finally as a BRIDE, as we plan our wedding for September of 2019. More than anything else, I feel like I’ve won, and can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams!

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