Lindsey and Tim

Lindsey's Proposal in Maupin, Oregon

How We Met

We met through mutual friends when we were 14. I moved away and we remained friends and continued to get to know each other. A few years later I was invited to go White Water Rafting with some family. While we were floating down the Deschutes….there he was.

On his families yearly rafting trip. We bumped into each other later that day, at a small ice cream shop in town. Hugged, laughed, and when we both got home decided to contact each other.

Fast forward 10 years…

how they asked

For our 10 year anniversary, he took me for a drive through the Columbia Gorge to Maupin. It’s our second home, and one of the places we really connect, it brought us together. As we were walking with our dog by Shears Falls the whitewater bubbling behind us, and mist in the air, he said he had sand in his shoe. I took the dog and turned to find him down on one knee.

It was the most incredible moment. I was in complete shock.

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