Lindsey and Tim

How We Met

At the movies! Lindsey had just relocated to southern california from ohio, and Tim’s (groom) brother Matt (best man) invited Lindsey to go see a movie since she didn’t know anyone in her new town yet. Tim was there. They exchanged numbers, and the rest is history! Yes, it took them a year to finally go on a date, but what great love stories don’t take their time…? : ) And that year was full of developing a close friendship that led to the most amazing relationship.

How They Asked

*sigh* It was wonderful. Tim got home from NYC on a work trip, picked up the ring (he got the call it was ready that day!) came and picked me up from work. It was our two year anniversary, and our destination was a surprise. He proceeded to drive us down PCH between Newport and San Clemente, which happens to be quite the trail of our relationship. Dinners in Newport, first date in Laguna… we got to drive past it all, and relive memories on the way. We both knew we’d get engaged eventually, but I thought it was just an anniversary celebration. Once we got to San Clemente (where we did a lot of our falling in love) Tim said the restaurant had let him know the table wasn’t quite ready, and asked if I wanted to go for a walk on the pier. He got down on one knee, right at sunset, and asked if I wanted to be with him forever. I didn’t hesitate to say yes. We then proceeded to my favorite wine bar, The Cellar, and about ten friends and family members were already there waiting for us to celebrate. As if this wasn’t enough, Tim then surprised me with an entire weekend in San Diego, where we hung out for the first time. It was perfectly us and unforgettable.


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