Lindsey and Tim

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How We Met

Tim and I both attend Central Michigan University. We were both in Greek Life and my sorority and his fraternity always hung out together. We knew of each other for about 2 years before we started dating but said nothing more than a simple hello. On September 4, 2014 we both we ended up at The Blue Gator. When I arrived at the Gator with my friends I yelled “MALTER!!” and he responded with “CHARTIER!!” as we both were known by our last names.

We talked all night and he ended up walking my roommates and I back to our apartment where we made a couple of pitstops playing a random piano in the street and of course getting “gourmet” hot dogs from Dog Central. Tim and I shared our first kiss that night where he made the move while watching American Horror Story. He was smart enough to put his number in my phone and I texted him the following Sunday as he was out of town for the rest of the weekend. So basically, our Love story all started at a college town bar, The Blue Gator.

Shortly after, about a month, we started dating. After graduating from Central Michigan University I decided to continue my education and get my Masters in Social Work in Chicago and Tim chose to go to school down in Atlanta to pursue his Doctorate of Chiropractic. We did a long year of distance which only grew our relationship even more. Once I finished my Master’s Degree in Social Work I moved to metro Atlanta and we moved into our first apartment together. Within one month of moving to the south I was able to convince Tim that we needed a puppy. On a Sunday after church we rescued our four-legged pal, Toby. He has brought even more love and joy into our ever-growing relationship.

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how they asked

Her Story: It happened on March 24, 2018 on my 25th Birthday. I had absolutely no idea that Tim would be proposing. Tim is in Chiropractic school and kept saying “I can’t afford a ring and it won’t happen for another 2 years” I told Tim that I wanted to do something fun for my birthday (Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, or horseback riding) Tim told me had a surprise and I would try to guess every day for a week leading up to my birthday. I totally thought we were going Zip Lining. On the morning of my birthday he wrote in card to “wear something nice like we are going out to a nice dinner and bring athletic clothes for the next day as we are staying the night somewhere.” (I now thought we were going to a nice dinner, staying the night somewhere and Zip Lining the following day).

He said we had to promptly leave at 4pm so I got ready and we began driving down 75 southbound. Tim thought it was funny to change lanes and confuse me when he got off the exit to downtown Atlanta. I now thought we were staying downtown and maybe eating at The Westin and still go zip lining the following day. Tim pulled into the W Atlanta Downtown where we checked in and got the keys to our room. The staff provided us with free drink tickets as it was my birthday.

Once we unloaded everything into our room with a stunning view of the city we went to the hotel bar and ordered a drink. Tim said we need to be in the lobby promptly at 5:20pm. He tells the staff, “my name is Tim and I have surprise for Lindsey” I looked out the window and saw a red Ferrari where I thought maybe we were taking that to dinner. We sit in the living room when a security personnel say “follow me this way” and we go into the elevator and I see him hit the helicopter button as we ride the elevator to the top of building. I then realized we would probably be going on a helicopter ride which made me very excited as 2 years ago while I was living in Chicago I wanted to do a helicopter ride with him.

We arrived to the roof of The W where a helicopter and pilot were waiting. We got in the helicopter and had champagne while flying over the city of Atlanta for 25 minutes. I thought the helicopter was the surprise and was loving life once we landed. When we landed we had a couple of photos taken in front of the helicopter when a woman comes out and says she is a photographer for the hotel and asked if she can take photos of us in front of helicopter. I was thinking to myself “this is awesome we are going be in a promo for the helicopter”.

After a few photos where take Tim held both of my hands and confessed his Love for me and got down on one knee and said “Lindsey Alice Chartier, will you marry me?”. I became teary eyed and so excited and obviously said YES!! I learned that the “hotel photographer” was actually hired by Tim to capture the most magical moment of our lives.

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His Story: The proposal planning began on September 21, 2017, when I asked her father for her hand in marriage. From this day on I kept a detailed log of things that pertained to the planning each day, so that she could have an understanding of what happened. Things that I wanted to tell her but couldn’t for obvious reasons. I gave her these notes later that night and we read them together over a glass of champagne.

The whole month before the proposal I told Lindsey that we would be doing something fun for her birthday and that she would find out what we were doing when we pulled up to the place the day of. Little did she know that that something included a ring. She believed we were going zip lining or rock climbing. I told her that we would be leaving at 9 am that morning. The night before, I changed the plans, and told her we would be leaving around 1 pm. We woke up that morning, March 24th, 2018, and she opened her birthday card. In her card I had detailed instructions as to what to wear and pack, that we’d be staying the night somewhere, the time we’d be leaving, what to do with our dog, and rules for the day, telling her to just go with the flow and enjoy her birthday and to not ask questions. I then cooked breakfast and as I was doing this she asked me if I was going to propose today. I can only imagine the look on my face, luckily she couldn’t see it. So I gave her the same excuse I’ve been giving her and told her that in two years it will happen after I graduate from Chiropractic school. She believed me. I anxiously sat in the house waiting till it was time to drop our dog, Toby, off at our friend’s place.

When I returned home around 2:30 pm Lindsey was already getting ready for our adventure. I told her to wear something fancy and that I’d be wearing a suit. As she was getting ready I took our stuff out to my truck and put the 2nd smaller ring box I made in my sock so she wouldn’t feel it in my pockets or suit jacket. At 4:10 pm, a couple minutes late, we left our house and started driving south towards Atlanta. I kept changing lanes so she would be confused as to where we were going. Eventually I got off the highway and drove through the city and pulled into The W Hotel around 4:45 pm. We went inside and checked into our room.

After going up to our room I instructed her that we had to be back to the front desk at 5:20 pm. We went down to the hotel bar and got our complimentary drinks and anxiously waited until 5:20 pm. I felt like time was moving so slow and keep checking my watch every minute. When it was time we went to the front desk and I told them that we were there for a surprise for Lindsey, they told us to wait in the lobby. This is when Lindsey started to ask a lot of questions and I continued to answer none of them.

Security came and escorted us to the elevator and we started to go to the rooftop. We walked up the final flight of steps to the roof and she saw the helicopter and pilot there. She was so excited and I told her we were going on a tour of the city. She got in the helicopter first and while me and the pilot were walking around to my side he told me he knew what was going on and I replied with were doing it after we land. The tour was amazing; however, I don’t remember most of it as I was rehearsing the lines in my head. As we were landing I couldn’t help but smile in excitement as to what was coming. The pilot turned off the helicopter and we got out and were met by our photographer, Michelle. She had the brilliant idea to introduce herself and tell us that she was hotel staff taking pictures for advertising purposes. I acted dumb and we took a few pictures.

Finally, I took Lindsey and positioned her the way Michelle and I previously planned. I dropped down to one knee and said, “Lindsey I Love you so much and you mean the world to me. I couldn’t imagine a day of my life without you in it. You make me the luckiest man in the world and in all of Central. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together and see what the next two years have to offer us.” I then pulled out the ring and said, “Lindsey Alice Chartier, will you marry me.” SHE SAID YES!!! I placed the ring on the correct finger and I got up and hugged kissed my future wife.

I felt a huge relief as everything I planned for the previous 2 months fell into place perfectly and couldn’t help myself from raising my arms and screaming. We then took pictures on the rooftop. Afterwards we went to our room so she could touch up her makeup and so that I could grab the 1st ring box I made. We made our way to the lobby and proceeded to take pictures at Centennial Olympic Park. We then called all of our family and close friends and shared with them our excitement. The 6 months of planning paid off and I now have the woman of my dreams to be my future wife!!

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Special Thanks

Michelle Mejia-Jones
 | Photographer