Lindsey and Taylor

How We Met

It was love at first SWIPE! (tinder)

how they asked

As crazy as it sounds, Taylor and I knew very quickly that we would get married. We picked the day we wanted to be married, (May 13th) in December after about 4 months of dating. I told Taylor that I didn’t want to be engaged for longer than we were dating up to that point. Knowing Taylor, our proposal had to include some sort of trick as he is such a tease. He also didn’t want me having any idea that he was proposing. On a snowy Friday night last winter, Taylor surprised me by bringing me to the Tree Room at the Sundance Ski Resort in Utah which is a restaurant in the most beautiful, enchanting, winter wonderland! Pretty romantic right? But not the night he proposed. I was trying to hide my disappointment and I wondered if my math was off with how long we have been dating since I thought we were at more than the halfway mark between when we started dating and when our wedding date was. I also didn’t think Taylor had the ring yet and maybe he just wanted a romantic night. Taylor mentioned to me later that he wanted to go snowshoeing since the last time we used our snowshoes, it was only briefly over New Years to and from a snowed in cabin. I agreed and thought it would be really fun so we planned to go the next day. Saturday came and it was a stunning day with fresh powder on the trees. As we started walking along the trail in our snowshoes, I kept on saying, “This is so beautiful!”.

In the back of my mind I thought this would be the perfect place to propose but I didn’t see a ring box in any of his pockets. After about 30 minutes, Taylor told me we should turn around which was very unlike him as he is an outdoors-man. Taylor realized about halfway down that we were going back too fast so he made sure he was in front of me so he could stop and say things like, “Wow, look at this tree, it has icicles coming from it!” and other things to slow us down and keep us in his specific time frame. I didn’t notice any of this was for a reason, so I just kept walking as I was starting to get cold from our trek. As we reached the bottom and got in the car, I came to the conclusion that the proposal would not happen that day. We got in the car and drove for about 5 minutes. Randomly, Taylor hands me his phone and tells me to turn on some music. As I was preoccupied, my step dad runs across the street after setting up the proposal! I didn’t notice any of this! Taylor unexpectedly stops the car and says, “Let’s go on a walk”. I took a deep breath and got out of the car. Taylor led me to a pathway of rose petals and roses sticking out of the snow creating an isle and then I knew what was happening.

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All I could say was, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh”. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way. At the end of the pathway, there was a campfire, hot chocolate, and a bundle of roses. As we reached the end, Taylor grabbed my hands and said, “Lindsey, I love you so much, you make me so happy. I have something for you in my pocket for you.” Taylor pulled out the perfect ring in a little white bag (he is genius), got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” He proposed January 7, one day more than the halfway mark between when we started dating and when we got married.