Lindsey and Steven

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How We Met

We both swiped right. Period. Oh wait, did you want a more descriptive story? Got it! So, after being somewhat introduced by a mutual friend, randomly noticed each other on social media… well, to be honest, I noted his cute pup in his profile picture, but let’s stick with saying Steven’s charmingly good looks stole my attention. When I agreed to give him my number, he immediately texted me saying “This is Tyson.” I thought I had been catfished—imagining some hairy guy sitting on his mother’s basement couch eating Cheetos.

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His text was followed by a picture of his dog, Tyson, and a few witty comments that had me laughing. Since I lived in Louisville for dental school, we relied on Facetime for nearly a month before officially meeting each other in person. On our first date, I felt like I already knew him so well! We went to eat at Puckett’s Grocery, where the server commented on how great of a couple we were (little did she know it was a first date). We then headed to Arrington Vineyards to stare at the stars and share a bottle of wine, and decided we needed to see each other again the next day since I was staying at a friend’s house all weekend. The next morning, I headed to Steven’s for homemade French toast and we packed up for a hike with his pup. Hiking + playing in waterfalls = incredible! We finished off the weekend by heading to church the next morning and I knew there was something special about this guy! Two years later, there still is!

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how they asked

Steven had us both so excited for his “annual work outing at a nice downtown restaurant” in Franklin, TN. He said everyone was bringing their significant other and he could not wait to show me off, so I obviously tried to wear a cute dress (…and accidentally picked off half of my painted nails). We parked and proceeded to walk toward the restaurant, while Steven pointed and asked, “Hey, you remember this place?” It was Puckett’s Grocery – where we had our first date.

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While walking in front of it, he grabbed my hands, turned me around, and started to get down on one knee. I was totally oblivious to what was happening, so I grabbed his hands and pulled him along saying “We need to hurry so we’re not late!” He turned me back around and said “Lindsey, there’s no work dinner. I’ve already talked to your parents, and I want to spend the rest of my life with my best friend by my side…” the next few minutes were a blur. Regardless, I became the happiest girl in the world!! Don’t even get me started on the ring—he did amazing!

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I turned around to hear “click, click, click” and saw his sister taking our pictures, followed by his parents that flew in, and a swarm of twenty of my family members and friends running out of the parking garage across the street. It was SURREAL! We then had dinner at Puckett’s, and strolled around the downtown square where I saw “SHE SAID YES – STEVEN & LINDSEY” on the historic Franklin Theatre marquee. WOAH- how awesome?! The man definitely covered all his bases! We then celebrated at his family friend’s house with wine, cheese, a little more wine, and some cake! It was perfect!

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Special Thanks

Emily Songer
 | Photography