Lindsey and Steven

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How We Met

We actually met on Tinder 2 years ago, on January 24, 2016! I was shocked to have found a real relationship off of a dating app, I never thought there were guys on there looking for something real until I met Steve.

Steve and I hit it off immediately… Looking back, we’ve both said that on our first date, we both had a funny feeling that this was “it”. Even though we’d just met each other, we just had a hunch that we’d end up being the ones for each other. For our first date we met at a restaurant called Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert, AZ. That took about an hour, then for another hour we walked around downtown… For another hour after that, we sat and talked over coffee… And for two more hours after that, we went to his house to pick up a couple of guitars and go jam together at a park nearby… And before you knew it, it was 1 A.M.! I finally dragged myself away from him to head home, but without a doubt I had just had the best first date EVER. (And little did I know, it ended up being my last first date!)

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how they asked

I am a singer/songwriter, and in December of last year I decided I wanted to make a music video for one of my original songs. Steve and I have a good friend named Chris who is a videographer, and I asked him to help me shoot the video.

We had a few different scenes planned to shoot, and due to the fact that part of the song talks about my relationship with Steve, we decided early on that one of the scenes should be of him and I having a date night. We planned to film that scene on the upcomingWednesday… And it was only a couple of days before that I realized that particular Wednesday was our 2 year anniversary – January 24th, 2018! I checked to see if Steve was still okay with filming that night even though it was our anniversary, and he said yes.

So that night Steve, Chris, and I drove to downtown Gilbert to walk around and “scope out a patio” to shoot on. We passed a few up, then finally settled on a restaurant called Liberty Market. As soon as we walked in the door, I said, “Oh, this is where we went on our first date! And it’s our two year anniversary, how perfect!” What a coincidence… *wink wink*

We had dinner, got some shots of us having dinner for our music video, then proceeded to walk off. Chris suggested we should find somewhere for me to sit, and then we could pretend that Steve was coming up to pick me up for our date, and then we’d walk off together. We stumbled on this really cool, hand-painted, light up bench (TOTALLY random of course), and had me sit down. Chris instructed me to keep my eyes on him and the camera, and then Steve would walk up from behind me and touch my shoulder or something, and then we’d walk off together. So here we go – action!

I stared and stared off in the distance, waiting for something to happen… Then from beside me, I heard, “Hi, Lindsey.” I looked over to find Steve on his knee next to me, fumbling with a box in his hand. And honestly my first reaction was, ‘What the heck is he doing?! This wasn’t part of the plan!’ LOL. But, reality set in fairly quickly, and I realized he was being serious, and this WAS all part of his plan.

“I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” I was so in shock, but somewhere in-between all of my jumbled words, I said yes. Once it finally dawned on me that this was really happening, I was shedding happy tears the entire way home, and the entire night after that.

Now, my music video will have so much more meaning than I originally planned. How many people can say they were proposed to during a music video?! Once it’s complete, this is something we will be able to cherish forever. I can’t wait to be Mrs. Rouleau. <3

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Chris Fortunato
 | Videographer