Lindsey and Ryan

Lindsey's Proposal in Volare Helicopters

How We Met

I met my husband when we both went to the same church. I mean officially at least. He had dated my best friend years before, but I didn’t really know him until he had gotten back from his 2 year mission with the church. We had a small conversation after church, which sparked many more until he finally asked me out on our first date. After that, everything is history.

How They Asked

It began when we met at church, after Ryan had just returned from a 2 year mission in Guatemala for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was still trying to come back to real life, but I made my move and we started to go out! I couldn’t believe that I not only scored a returned missionary (RM), but also be insanely attractive! We have had so many adventures with friends, family, and even strangers that helped our love grow stronger. As our one year anniversary approached, Ryan had told me to be sure to wear my nicest dress, and to prepare for fun activities. If that didn’t already give a hint, the day of would. I remember right when he picked me up, I immediately felt “It’s going to happen”. I tried to ignore the feeling, I didn’t want to get my hopes up! However, Ryan really did take me for ride I would never forget. He blind folded me, drove me to a disclosed location, and as I stepped out of the car, I began to see a helicopter right in front of us! We got in, flew over the National Park, over main streets I had grown up with, and even my own house! The sights were gorgeous and it knocked it out of the park. As we started to return back to the hanger to land, I began to see many people on the ground. I even said to Ryan “Wow! That’s a lot of people down there, I wonder why.” As we got closer, I recognized his parents, his grandpa, and all of our close friends from church. I looked at him, and he would not look at me. I immediately knew my gut was right, it’s happening!!! We got out, walked towards the group of loved ones, and Ryan began to tell me how much he loved me. As my back was turned towards the group, they began to pull out letters to hold. Ryan turned me around, and I saw the phrase spelling out “Lindz, marry me?”. I turned to face Ryan again, and he was down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I excitedly said yes!!! It was such a beautiful day and everything was a COMPLETE surprise.

Also the story about the music box is seriously what made this moment even more precious. He had been working on this box for months, and had the ring for months. A week before this, I had actually said “I definitely would say yes if you proposed, but I know you don’t have a ring” definitely surprised me.
But, the music box. As I began to spin the lever, it played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. This is a special song to me because it was the last song I sang with my cousins the night before my grandmother died. In that moment when I began to hear the music, I felt like she was there cheering me on for the proposal.
It was the most heartfelt thing anyone had created for me and it made me love and appreciate Ryan even more in that spectacular moment.

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Special Thanks

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