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How We Met

In April of 2017, Phillip and I connected through a mutual Facebook group that someone in our church had started. Phillip lived in St. Louis and I lived in Dallas. After Phillip saw me, a fellow artist and colorful personality, he reached out to say hello and ask how life was going. A simple enough question, but I responded with a novel of an answer. (It’s not my fault I’m a writer!) We started messaging and emailing and soon moved on to phone calls. Unknown to Phillip, I was very skeptical at first and so I talked to mutual friends of ours to make sure Phillip had good references. (He did.)

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On our second phone call, I accidentally invited him to come to an event in Dallas in June. And so we met in person on the 1st of June after just two months of weekly calls. When we met, I later told him that my soul said, “Finally. I’ve found my best friend that I didn’t know I was missing.”When Phillip told me that he liked me later that weekend and asked if he could officially to pursue me with the intent to date, I simply responded with one word: “Absolutely.”

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In July, I visited Phillip and he took me to a Doctor Who themed scavenger hunt through the St. Louis Art Museum. I had no idea what was about to happen. At the last art piece, Phillip asked me to be his girlfriend. To which I again responded, “Absolutely.” Having two artists in a relationship is always interesting and exciting. Plus, we make one another the coolest stuff! After many adventures (and moving me from Dallas to St. Louis), Phillip and I made it to March 11th. Blindfolded and curious, I sat in the passenger seat as Phillip drove to Creve Coeur Lake. Standing in a pavilion, overlooking a snow-covered lake, Phillip told me what I meant to him and asked me to marry him. Can you guess what I said?

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Lindsey's Proposal in Creve Coeur Lake

how they asked

In a beautifully dreary grey world, Phillip and I left the church and he said he had a surprise. He blindfolded me (with permission) and we got in his car and he began to drive. When we arrived (I did not know where), he very carefully walked me out to a specific spot and told me to take off my blindfold. IT WAS SNOWING.

Important background information: snow is my favorite magic of this world. Also, we had our first kiss in the snow. And as it snowed harder and harder, Phil spoke with words sweeter and sweeter until he got to a very important question…to which I responded, “Absolutely.” And not only did he have a beautiful speech and a stunning background provided by mother nature, but Phil made the most unbelievable box which had the ring hidden inside it.

To call this creation a mere box is almost an insult. It is more like an interactive art piece! He had spent three months making this box from scratch. It is shaped like a book, has interactive pieces, and it lights up! The unexpected snow felt like a true celebration with frozen, white confetti being thrown all around! It was truly magical and felt like a fairytale. Our fairytale. See the interactive box here.

Also, since we are both designers and artists, our wedding website is kinda awesome!

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