Lindsey and Philip

Image 1 of Lindsey and Philip

How We Met

Phil and I met on in February 2018. Our first date was to a local gun range and dinner on February 13th. We learned of our similarities throughout our conversations through the first few months. To our surprise, we went to the same high school, I knew his older sister, Rachel. We grew up in the same town. We also knew many of the same people. We spent 2.5 years only seeing each other on weekends and trips. In August 2020 we moved to Livonia, to live together but still be the equal distance to our jobs. After living together for 8 months Phil asked me to marry him.

How They Asked

We went to Tennessee for my birthday weekend to go to the National Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge. He took me up to the Smokey Mountains to see a waterfall and next to a beautiful stream he asked me to marry him.

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Image 3 of Lindsey and Philip