Lindsey and Nate

Lindsey's Proposal in Cooper's Rock, WV

How We Met

Nate is really into fishing and hunting, and for quite a few years leading up to when he and I met, he would fish with my brother, Josh and his best friend Tyler. I had known of Nate through them, but he and I had never talked. It was at Josh’s graduation party in the summer of 2015 that we were officially introduced, and Nate actually remembers us meeting more than I do! Later that year over Thanksgiving Josh and I were driving home from our grandparent’s house and Nate was brought up in the conversation. I said to him, “He is just so cute.” Josh said, “Lindsey I have his phone number, text him!” I refused, stating I was too nervous and that it would be weird to randomly text him. Over Christmas, Nate and I connected on social media, and, classical modern-day dating, I slid into his DM’s asking what our families would think if we would go out! How could I go from not wanting to text him to practically asking him on a date?!

We planned our first date, our perspectives stated below, and the rest is history!

First Date: December 19, 2015

Lindsey’s perspective: Nate picked me up from my house for our first date. No, we didn’t go anywhere special, we just drove around all night and talked! I was so nervous because just a month before, I had told Josh how cute he was and that I would love to get to know him. Our first date wasn’t like any other date I had ever been on. Our relationship began with communication and I truly believe this is why we are so compatible.

Nate’s perspective: I picked up Lindsey for our first date in the green machine, in a blowing snowstorm in the middle of December. She had this off the wall idea for a first date that involved spray paint and the cloak of darkness. I was more than intrigued and couldn’t wait to see where the night took us. It turns out that the weather kept us driving around the local snow covered streets playing Right and Left. We spent the next couple of hours talking about our childhood to our hopes for our futures. And boy did she talk. And talk. And talk. And I loved listening to her from that day on.

How They Asked

Lindsey’s perspective: I was away at RYLA (a leadership conference I am a counselor for) the week leading up to the trip we planned months before at Cooper’s Rock in WV. I had no idea Nate had bought a ring that Monday and planned to propose on this trip. We hiked 7 miles to various overlooks with Cassie (our pup) by our sides, and Nate insisted to hike just one more trail. I was confused about why he wasn’t tired yet because I was exhausted from all the hiking from that day. At the top of the overlook, a guy we had just met on the trail asked if we wanted pictures taken of us. Nate walked up to him and gave him his phone and secretly asked him to take a video of our proposal. I still had no idea what was about to happen. Nate walked over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me. I started getting situated for the picture and Nate tapped me and said, “Hey look.” The second I looked at him and noticed him shaking I realized what was happening. The rest is history. The extra 2-mile hike was worth it!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cooper's Rock, WV

Nate’s perspective: We had planned our weekend away to Cooper’s Rock well before I had made the decision to pop the question, but after her graduation from Mercyhurst University in May, I knew I was going to do it then. I bought the ring the Monday before our trip and hid it in my backpack that I was going to take hiking with us. I shoved it into the bottom of the pocket where we had food for Cassie, and more than once I was scared that it would fall out. We hiked all day to various landmarks in the park but couldn’t find the right spot. Someone we ran into on the trail had mentioned about checking out the other overlook, but Lindsey had mentioned that she was getting tired and wanted to go back to the cabin. I knew at that point I had to convince her to do one more hike to check out the overlook and do it then. I am honestly surprised she couldn’t figure out that something was going on because the last hill climb before the lookout I could feel my heart coming through my chest. When we got to the lookout spot she found a place to sit and rest at the top of the rock and everything worked out perfect. I didn’t get out any of the words that had run through my head the entire hike to the top, but I got out the important ones and SHE SAID YES!

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Special Thanks

We don't know his name! We WISH so badly we would've remembered. He is a student at West Virginia University and we wish we could thank him AGAIN for the video he took of the proposal.
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