Lindsey and Mike

Engagement ShootHow We Met: Mike and I met while I was out with some friends one night! He was a bouncer at a bar we walked into and I noticed him standing near the restrooms… all 6’10” of him (which pulled me to him in the first place!)! I walked up to him and said “Are you the bathroom bouncer?”! He said he instantly wanted to know everything about me. He asked people he worked with if they knew me and he later told me that he had picked up extra shifts in order to see me again! Two weeks later I walked into the same bar with a group of friends and he walked right up to me. We talked all night and began dating soon after!

The Proposal: It was my birthday weekend and Mike and I were headed to Florence to stay with my parents to celebrate. Mike was acting so antsy and smiley on our drive to Florence and I kept wondering what his deal was! As soon as we pulled up to my parent’s house, he ran out to my dad’s office because he said he had a “money” question! Being that my dad is a business guy, I didn’t think anything of it! (Mike later told me that when he walked in to my dad’s office to ask if he could marry me, my dad happened to be cleaning a new gun he had bought only a few hours before this conversation!) Later that evening, my parents suddenly had an errand to run, so Mike and I went out on the deck. We  were talking and started to dance to a sweet song. As we were dancing, he stopped and dropped to one knee…. I hardly remember what he said because I was in such shock, though! The day of the proposal was the best day of my life… besides the day I married him!

Photography by Rachael Bergstein of Lime Green Room in South Carolina.