Lindsey and Maurice

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How We Met

Maurice and I met the summer going into my freshmen year at SUNY Cortland. We are both from Long Island and were invited to a pool party five minutes away from my house. I was shooting a basketball when Maurice and his friend approached me. They asked me if I played basketball and if I was going to play in college. When I told them I was about to enter my freshmen year at SUNY Cortland, they both just looked at me and laughed. I asked them what was so funny and Maurice’s friend responded that Maurice goes to SUNY Cortland and also plays basketball (small world). They refused to believe me and had the audacity to ask me what their mascot was…unbelievable right? When I correctly answered “the Red Dragons,” I think they finally believed me. After realizing that we both would be attending the same school, we exchanged numbers and talked throughout the party. Towards the end of the night, it was getting chilly and he offered me his shirt. I thought to myself “well that was nice of him to offer his shirt to basically a stranger.” As the summer progressed we texted once or twice. Fast forwarding to the first week of school, Maurice was the only person I knew coming in besides my roommate from high school. We became good friends, worked out together and the story goes on from there :)

how they asked

On May 12th, 2017, little did I know that not only would I be graduating with my Master’s degree but also I would be walking off the stage engaged! For months without me knowing, Maurice had planned what is to be one of the best days of my life. On the night of my graduation ceremony, I was under the impression that Maurice would be assisting in the ceremonious hooding on stage. A couple of days before, he asked me if I would care if he placed my hood on me and I told him that I preferred if he didn’t because I didn’t want to bring any attention to myself nor be different from anyone else graduating but he insisted so I just went with the flow. During the lineup in the gymnasium, the special events director kept reminding me that I was going to be the last person in my program to walk across stage so Maurice could assist in my hooding and not slow down the ceremony.

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As we were lining up, I began to feel a little nervous and just reminded myself to walk slow and not trip in front of all of these people. After I handed my name card in, I walked to my professors with my hood in my hand, crouching down to get my hood placed on. After my hood was placed across my neck, I proceeded to receive my diploma on the other side of the stage but before I could take another step, Maurice grabbed my hand. I looked at him in shock as his eyes started tearing up and I just knew it. I couldn’t believe what was happening, right then and there on stage! I could not even tell you what he said but I can say that he got down on one knee, reached in his pocket and said, “Lindsey, will you marry me?”

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Surprisingly I didn’t cry (which I always thought I would) because I was still in shock. Of course I said “YES!” and the crowd cheered loud and with joy. What made it even better was that my family and friends were there to share that special moment with us.

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After the ceremony, I found out that my family, friends and even the President of my school was in on it! What a better way to finish my Master’s and get engaged to my best friend all on the same day!

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