Lindsey and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met at our local mall in the 9th grade. I was there with some friends from his school who happened to see Matt and invited him and his friend over to join us. The first time we met was less than special. We both figured we would never see each other again so making a great impression wasn’t all that important. However, over time we kept ending up the same parties and hangouts and eventually became best friends.

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We would hang out basically every weekend, I’d go to his baseball games with my friends (even though I knew nothing about baseball) and would often the third wheel him and his girlfriend at the time, which is hysterical looking back at! We eventually started dating in the 11th grade. When we made it official, our friends kept telling us “finally!!” like everyone but we knew we were going to end up together.

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how they asked

Matt and I were on an early birthday Disney trip (and because he found some really cheap airfare). For a few days before the trip, he kept mentioning that he wanted to stop to get ice cream at a certain spot in Disney. I am a huuuugggeee ice cream lover so I was definitely down for it. So, the third day of our trip comes and we are going to my favorite park Hollywood Studios, where the ice cream place is! The day was a supernormal day.

I expected nothing, so much so that my hair is in a messy bun and I’m wearing a hoodie. We get off a ride and are headed to the next ride when Matt suddenly spins me around and asks if we can get the ice cream now and just sit down so he can get his back feeling better (i’m still not sure if he even had back pain that day but he did bring it up a few times that morning). I’m thinking it’s weird that he so suddenly wanted ice cream and to sit down but I was rolling with it because hey ice cream in Disney? Yes, please!

We get in line and he asks me to go find a table. I finally find one and a few minutes later him and his sister return. Confused on an added family member, I say hi but also why are you here??? She’s in upstate NY so I was very confused how she just showed up in Florida! I look at him and notice a shiny thing on the bottom of my ice cream cone and I realize what’s about to happen. He tells me he loves me so much and gets down on one knee and both our moms come out of nowhere screaming! Everyone around us eating lunch is now clapping and I’m just standing there in complete shock that not only did he plan my perfect proposal right down to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” playing in the background but I had absolutely no idea it was about to happen!

A side note: I later found out he so suddenly wanted ice cream right at that minute because we were about to walk right past our moms, which could’ve ruined the entire thing!!

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