Lindsey and Marshall

How We Met

We met out one night at a bar with a bunch of mutual friends. I had to fly out to work the following week in Amsterdam so he asked if he could take me out when I got back. During my layover, my phone was stolen and to say I was worried he thought I might be ghosting him was an understatement. I embarrassingly slid into his DMs so I could make sure we were still on for our date.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York City

After I returned he took me on a whirlwind of a first date. It consisted of one of the best restaurants in Atlanta, then to the painted pin followed by drinks at what was supposed to be a rooftop bar. We talked the whole night and everything felt natural but I had butterflies the entire night. I told him how dating hadn’t been easy with my job as a flight attendant. His response was “I’ll pick you up at the airport”. 2 1/2 years later he stayed true to his word and still picks me up after long days 30,000ft above. He has become my best friend and favorite travel partner.

How They Asked

I had a long layover in NYC where his brother lives and figured we could make it a fun trip and get some time with his brother. He went up a day before to “hang out” with his brother but was secretly mapping out our engagement. I landed in the morning from work and he said his brother had something come up so we could take a nap, then go to a wine bar and walk around before meeting him for dinner. We were walking along the waterway overlooking Manhattan near the Pepsi-Cola sign and he wanted to go to the edge of the docks.

After getting to the end we snapped a selfie and I said how cold and hungry I was. He said he just wanted one more moment so I pouted and turned away. Next thing I knew he was on the ground repeating the word “that he will always pick me up at the airport”. After he proposed his brother came out of nowhere in an all-black outfit and had captured everything on camera. Even the awkward jump of excitement.

Lindsey's Proposal in New York City

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