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How we met – bride

I was working in one of Utah State University’s café’s at the time (glamorous, I know!) and Mark would stop in every once in a while to get something to eat. We would chat for a few minutes every once in a while and he eventually asked for my number and our friendship blossomed. He became one of my best friends. However, starting a relationship was complicated. I’m a young single mom and I was going to school and working full-time. Mark had to decide if he was willing to accept the nuances of dating a single mom and I had to decide if Mark was the kind of man I would want in my child’s life. One day, we went for a walk near the base of one of the mountains surrounding Logan. As we sat on a bench overlooking Cache Valley, we talked frankly about what we wanted. We both decided to take a leap of faith. Eventually, things grew serious enough to introduce Mark to my child and I can’t tell you how amazing it has been to see our relationship grow into something families are made of.

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how we met – groom

I was a grad student at Utah State University studying biochemistry, which essentially meant every waking moment was spent on campus. It also meant that occasionally I would have to venture from my lab to look for sustenance. Typically, in the crisp Logan winters, this involved a hot cup of tea and a pastry from the on-campus café. Most of the time, these events were kept fairly short, as my mind would usually be focused on the next three to four pressing issues regarding my research. It all changed, however, when I noticed that the batista was a beautiful brunette with an infectious personality. She was so welcoming in her conversation, I knew I had to see more of her. More and more, I found myself making excuses to visit her when I knew she was working. Before I knew it, this was becoming an everyday occurrence! The conversations shifted from the typical small talk to learning more about each other. This is when I learned how mature, and driven she was. It was also about the time I discovered that she had the most adorable little girl. I’m glad she was so patient with me, because I’m sure that she would have liked me to ask her on our first date much earlier than I was able to work up the courage to do so! The dating process was slow and deliberate, which I thought was justified considering the circumstances. The next year continued like a dream, in that I felt her becoming my best friend in addition to being my girlfriend.”

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how they asked – bride

I knew he was planning on proposing soon because we had designed my ring. However, I figured he wouldn’t propose for while because our jeweler was waiting to receive the rest of the stones for my ring. However, Mark was very determined to propose. When he came to my apartment to pick me up for our date, I could tell he was nervous. I remember thinking, “wait… Is he going to propose today?!” I’m glad I didn’t have to wait long to find out, because instead of going to dinner, he drove us straight to the bench where we had first decided to date. I started crying before I left the car. He led me to that bench which had been the location of many serious conversations.

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He painted canvases of quotes from milestones in our relationship. When we sat down, he took out a box filled with mementos from our relationship. He told me that the box was filled with memories we had created together, and how much he would love to make more with me. The moment was so simple, so life changing, and so perfect… I can’t wait to continue our love story August 12th, 2016.

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how they asked – groom

The truth is, I knew I wanted to marry her long before I asked her Navy veteran father for permission to propose. The jeweler we were working with to construct her dream wedding ring was excellent to work with. I wish I could say the same thing about the material shipping process! I knew that I wanted to propose the week of March 15th, but due to shipping complications, the ring wouldn’t be completed by the time I wanted to ask her for her hand in marriage. Rather than stew about this, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a memorable proposal experience, even without her perfect engagement ring. I asked a couple of our best friends if they would be willing to document this special moment, and they graciously accepted. What happened next was a blur of 8×10 canvases, black acrylic paint, nervous penmanship, two dozen red roses, and raw adrenaline! A friend told me to savor the proposal moment.

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She looked stunning, and I knew that the moment was perfect as we arrived to a stunning overlook with a view of beautiful cache valley–the same overview where we made the commitment to exclusively date. I couldn’t have been happier to hear her say yes! Our wedding is scheduled for August 12th, and we couldn’t be happier, or more enthusiastic.

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