Lindsey and Mark

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How We Met

Mark and I met through tinder…although we laugh because both of us had no idea really what we were doing- both of our friends just wanted us to “get out there” and date. Once we became matched we talked for about two weeks before we actually went on our first date on November 6, 2014. Fast forward a year and a half into dating, Mark was accepted into optometry school in Boston, MCPHS in Worcester. At this point, I knew he was the one and I was not going to let distance get in the way of his aspirations to be an eye doctor so for four years (2016-2020) we saw each other every 3 to 4 months on his breaks- and our love as a couple grew only stronger. Before I left him for his first semester in August of 2016, Mark gave me a beautiful promise ring- to symbolize our love and commitment and he asked that I wait for him to finish school to continue our lives. Fast forward to 2020- Mark ended school early due to Covid and had to finish his schooling online- needless to say, we never got to go to graduation or celebrate his achievements. In July of 2021, we moved to Savannah for an amazing job opportunity for him to work as the local eye doctor in town and since then he has flourished into the healthcare provider I am immensely proud of every day.

How They Asked

Back in late January Mark and I were talking about taking a small vacation during my spring break (since I am a high school teacher) and we immediately said we had to go to Boston- it was the long-overdue trip from not having his graduation or being able to visit all our favorite spots since the beginning of Covid- and with restrictions lifting we knew we had to have a few days to getaway. Little did I know that Mark had an alternative motive for our trip, and even got his good friend from school to record and capture our special moment. One of my favorite spots to visit and always get a photo of is the Washington statue in the Boston Public Garden. Since visiting Boston in 2016, I have always taken an updated photo for my backdrop (to correlate with the seasons of Mark’s schooling), and Mark and I would always walk the garden.

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Some of our most memorable moments have been here- snowball fights and ice skating in the winter, to grabbing our Starbucks iced coffees in the summer and feeding the squirrels in spring and summer. Well I haven’t taken a photo since 2019 so I had to get one as well as walk the garden that I love so much. While standing in front of the statue and taking photos (and waiting for people to stop walking by so I could get the perfect shots) Mark turned to me and said “I can think of no better place to ask you- will you marry me?” I was in utter shock!

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I had no idea and he had been so calm and collected all day to where I wouldn’t have known anything out of blue. After saying yes he turned to point out his friend who had gotten the whole thing on camera and it was then I think I truly realized what was happening! I am still just in awe of the whole day! I have waited so long for this moment and I can’t wait to move forward and continue our lives together officially as husband and wife!

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