Lindsey and Luke

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How We Met

I was a regular at Wednesday night karaoke at a local club; my roommates at the time and I went every week, and I knew a good amount of people there. But one Wednesday, I saw a gentleman that I hadn’t noticed there before. Luke was wearing a three-piece tan corduroy suit, straight out of a vintage store, and he had a GREAT beard. I immediately knew I had to compliment his awesome outfit, so I went over and started chatting him up. He liked my dress (also vintage, a black long-sleeve dress with fringe) and asked if he could buy me a drink. I was DDing that night for my roommates, so I politely declined. Suddenly, I was being called up for my turn to sing, so I left for the stage and thought that would be the end of it. About five minutes later, back on the floor, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and Luke was there, holding a water with lemon for me! I was impressed by the gesture and by the fact that he wasn’t just trying to get me inebriated. The next day, I found him on Facebook, got his number from his page, and called him (stalker much???). Luckily, he wasn’t put off by my forward manner, and we scheduled a date for the upcoming weekend.

how they asked

My friend TJ had given Luke and I a pair of free tickets to Canobie Lake Park’s annual Fright Fest, and we all drove down to New Hampshire together. Halloween is our favorite holiday, so we jumped at the chance. We had already been inside five different haunted houses when we decided to go high above Canobie Lake Park on a gondola ride. I have a big fear of heights and I don’t even know why I wanted to go on this ride in the first place, so I asked Luke to tell me a story to distract me. Luke said, ‘I think I have another way to distract you,” and pulled a gorgeous replica music box from the movie “Anastasia” out from his coat pocket, opened it up to reveal dancing figures and a beautiful opal ring, and asked if I would marry him. I obviously said YES!!! Despite my fear of heights and the adrenaline of the moment, I managed to NOT drop the ring 100 feet to the ground. Proud of me. We were even dressed like Anastasia and Dimitri from the movie at the time. I could not have imagined a more perfect fairy tale proposal. Immediately after we reached the ground again, we went into a sixth, clown-themed haunted house. I hate clowns! But I think the excitement of the proposal helped me to get over my fear of heights and my hatred of clowns a little bit ;-)

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Special Thanks

TJ Scannell
 | Gave us the tickets to Fright Fest!