Lindsey and Kyle

Image 1 of Lindsey and Kyle

How We Met

Lindsey & Kyle met in the summer of 2009 while working together at Suffield Army Base cutting grass & doing ground maintenance. First impressions…. well Lindsey was not a fan of Kyle’s long hair and was just not interested.

Kyle thought Lindsey was the best looking one of the bunch. A romance blossomed when the two started talking about their love for snowboarding. Lindsey asked Kyle for his phone number so that she could send him photo’s of her super cool snakeskin snowboard. Kyle just assumed she was looking for an excuse to talk to him but Lindsey still denies this.

The two talked almost everyday and started hanging out. Within weeks Lindsey had cornered Kyle into making it official and the rest was history!

how they asked

Kyle and Lindsey planned a day trip to Banff, Alberta to celebrate Kyle’s 28th birthday! They invited Kyle’s best friend (and now best man) Sam to tag along!

Anytime they went anywhere Lindsey always thought maybe he would propose in the back of her mind, this time was no different- since they had been dating for six and a half years at this point. They did some shopping and Kyle was very persistant about going to see Bow Falls before it got dark out so they drove down and walked around.

Sam’s wife is a professional photographer and Sam unzipped his backpack and acted all surprised that his wife had packed him a camera without him knowing and Lindsey thought, oh great, no proposal is planned.

Soon after that boys noticed the ice was caved in just right to make the shape of a heart, at this point Lindsey was freezing and started to walk back to the car but turned around and noticed the boys were whispering to each other, this is when Lindsey got suspicious!

Image 2 of Lindsey and Kyle

Kyle called her over and she knew immediately what was happening. He pulled her over the caved in heart and Sam started snapping all the photos! Lindsey doesn’t exactly remember what Kyle even said to her during the proposal she just knew the answer was YES!

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