Lindsey and Kyle

how we met

Facebook, Kyle randomly messaged me and I thought he was weird. Haha.

how they asked

It happened on a comedy weekend getaway. Kyle had a booked weekend in Orlando and we left pretty early in the afternoon. In the right traffic Orlando is only about an hour and a half away, so we had plenty of time to get there, he asked if we could run by his moms on the way out, I didn’t want to get caught up there since we were trying to miss traffic. . We inched our way to Orlando, traffic did not move.
We got to the venue Kyle was booked at right as he needed to be on stage. After his show we checked into our hotel, it was super cute, very Art Deco, nestled on the other side of downtown in a quaint little neighborhood, it had a courtyard that was lit up, a carriage house where they serve breakfast… Kyle asked if I wanted to go walk around so we did, I wanted to look at everything and he wanted me to sit down but I kept wandering around so he finally demanded I sit down, when I walked over to where he was he popped the question! It was a total surprise, I laughed the entire time out of nervousness, and gave him the wrong hand

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