Lindsey and Kurtis

How We Met

We are from Oregon, and last winter we were hit with heavy snow fall. My company closed down the doors and had us work from home if we could, for almost 2 weeks straight. Road conditions were scary for awhile so I stayed at home. I was a single mom at the time living with my parents and sisters. Anyways, I never went out during the weekdays since I’m a mom first! But one Thursday night, I got invited to a party. I had been stuck at home for days and going out seemed like a great idea. I paid my sisters to babysit, put my son down for bed and got picked up in a big truck by my friends. Little did I know, my soulmate was riding shotgun. He was good looking, funny, and we had the same goofy sense of humor. Everyone hit the hot tub in the middle of the snow and we just cracked cold ones and laughed for a good amount of the night. A few hours later, I was dropped off back at home. Almost forgetting his name. But he added me on Facebook, and we exchanged numbers. Talked every once in awhile. A few months later, he invited me downtown with his best friends for St.Patricks day. It was a blast, and by the end of the night, we were slow dancing in a middle of a club where he asked me to be his girlfriend. Inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Fast forward to 7 months later (feels longer than that). We were planning on going on a date night. Had always wanted to go roller skating so it was set for Friday night. Kurt told me that he was letting his best friend & his girlfriend join us, because his best friend was going to pop the question that night. They wanted me to take the pictures when he proposed. I was overjoyed for them! I had just helped shoot a wedding the weekend before, with a photographer buddy of mine. I’m a freelance graphic designer, so I was excited to be apart of their special night. That day, Kurt dropped off a coffee to me at work. Then around the afternoon called me saying to meet him outside & he took me out to lunch. This was nothing out of the ordinary for him to do, he always goes out of his way to do nice things for me whenever he can. He was so excited for date night. When I got home to get ready for the night out, he bought me a new shirt & said we should go matching in jeans and a white shirt. It was cosmic, glow in the dark night at the rink & I thought it was pretty cute. We met our friends and headed downtown.

We are all skating and having a good time. Noticed Kurt kept disappearing on me now and then. But in my mind, I figured he was helping his friend get ready to propose. Not knowing that was just a cover story for what was going to turn into an unforgettable night. He finds me skating, holds my hand and smiles. The DJ then announces that this next song is dedicated to me. I got so embarrassed. Wondering why he did that! He took me to the center of the rink, under the party lights & disco ball. He is saying romantic things to me and before I know it he is taking a box out of his pocket, dropping to his knee in his skates & asking me to marry him.

Jaw dropped in excitement – “YES, ABSOLUTELY!” We kissed, hugged & he was so nervous still he almost put this gorgeous ring on the wrong hand. He asked my Mother for her blessing before telling a handful of friends about his plans. My mom, and sister helped him with the style of ring they thought I liked & he took our son to pick one out. They did so good, I am still shocked and letting it sink in! I had no idea! We are so excited. Could not be happier with the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with.

Special Thanks

Justin Stedman
 | Photographer