Lindsey and Karter

How We Met

I was in high school when I met my sweet husband. He had just come home from a two year service mission, and his family had moved into my neighborhood when he was gone. His sister and my sister were best friends, and he couldn’t stop thinking about me after he saw me for the first time. He asked my sister for my number, and we started hanging out and going on dates! He knew he was going to marry me the first time he saw me, and I knew on our first date….even though I was still in high school.

how they asked

I had just graduated high school, so my parents surprised me with a trip to San Francisco, where I was born. They told me my husband Karter couldn’t come because it was going to be our last little trip with just my parents and me, and I was totally fine with it and understood. My parents drove down on a Wednesday (we live in Utah), and I had to fly down on Thursday evening because I was at a work training. Thursday morning, my sweet Karter came over all dressed for work and kissed me goodbye. Then he went home, changed his clothes, and drove

Proposal Ideas Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

to the airport to meet my parents in San Francisco. He was with them all day, and when I flew in that night, my parents picked me up from the airport and my mom was extra excited. We were driving to the hotel and I saw the Palace of Fine Arts. It was BEAUTIFUL, so I asked if we could stop and take a picture. We walked to the big dome in the middle of the park, and as my parents were taking my picture, I heard footsteps, turned around, and there was Karter getting down on one knee. I was SO surprised and impressed they pulled it off. Best senior trip EVER!

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