Lindsey and Jonathan

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How We Met

John and I met three months after my trip to Israel. I went there with the intention of wanting to become more religious but felt I hadn’t had it in me. I spent a total of three Shabbats in Israel, more specifically, in the Holy city of Jerusalem. For the duration of the three weeks spent there, I prayed every day to find my soulmate. Not only did I want to meet the man of my dreams, but I had hoped for a man of distinct qualities. A man that kept Shabbat (I came home to Montreal and have kept Shabbat ever since), a man that shared the same values as me and a man with respect for his family, for women and especially for me. I dreamed of a man who was dedicated and ambitious, a real go-getter.

What I didn’t know was, I was wishing for someone like John. It was the end of August and school was about to start and my red Khaballah string (the only piece of Israel still left) had fallen off my wrist. John is one year older than me, yet I had never met or heard about him. We first met at my best friends house as they were neighbors. The first thing he said to me was “I really love your nose ring.” That week, we bumped into each other three other times around the city of Montreal. We went from not knowing each other’s name to seeing each other three times in one week. I felt it was destiny. He asked me out on a date one night and we have never stopped talking since. He is now my fiance, the man of my dreams and my husband-to-be. I love him with all my heart and I am blessed to have a genuine, caring, loving, supportive man in my life.

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how they asked

John and I met three and a half years ago and ever since, we’ve continued to grow closer and fall more in love each and every day. He proposed while vacationing in South America, two weeks before I was scheduled to start chemotherapy. We were on a cruise ship, sitting at dinner and he got up to go to the bathroom. Out of nowhere, the Maitre D handed me an envelope and inside it read: “I believe that it’s time, dinner is over. Please take your mother and head to Topsider.” I arrived at Topsider, the eleventh-floor poolside bar, where an amaretto sour awaited me with another envelope. At this time a man had been waiting to escort me to John. John stood in a room, wearing a suit and looked so handsome.

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He was holding a bouquet of roses and the room was decorated with rose petals and a long red carpet. It was a magical night as he promised to love me till the end of times and continue to protect me especially during these upcoming struggles.

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Special Thanks

Menachem Serraf
 | Photographer of our Engagement Party