Lindsey and Jonathan

how we met

We started out on individual quests for a truthful, supportive and honest relationship. Naturally, this quest took us to a familiar friend- the ever expanding black hole that is the Internet. Tinder, to be exact!

We met on January 4th, 2015 at a local Brewery Restaurant. We chatted about Star Trek and Neil Degrass Tyson. Family, the Holidays and everything else you talk about on a first date. We were enjoying each others company so much we didn’t want the date to end. We decided to stop at another dive bar. And when I say DIVE BAR- I mean it. A sad pool table, maybe one bar stool and a regular sitting on it who probably never leaves. I had a Guinness and Jon had a Whiskey . . . And just like that, we were both smitten.


how they asked

Jon took me to Ireland where all of my dreams came true. An amazing, culturally rich vacation that would be the beginning of the rest of our lives.

After an amazing hour long taxi ride through the Irish Countryside, we arrived at The Drumbeg Stone Circle. A grouping of Megalithic stones older than Stone Henge that used to be used for Pagan ceremonies like weddings. This particular day also happened to be the beginning of the Autumnal Solstice (how romantic he planned that). With the vibrant green of the Irish landscape and the wind rolling through the grass, Jon led me to the center of the circle. He said ” An bpósfaidh tú mé?”, which is gaelic for “Will you Marry Me”, and got on one knee. It was the most incredible moment in the most breathtaking scenery with two people whose hearts burst with love for each other with every beat.

Special Thanks

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Purity Weddings
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