Lindsey and John

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How We Met

I met John in 2014 when I was living up in Bedford, NH studying for my Doctorate. My friends from my program and I were out blowing off some steam after a particularly brutal week of mid-terms, and John was out with his friends for a casual night out in Manch-Vegas. Let’s set the scene: picture a local dive bar, 50+ beers on tap, with a lower basement level area complete with set up for local bands, a few pool tables, and well placed platforms for primo people watching. I was by one of the platform areas “surveying the scene” with my classmates; John was by one of the high top tables, putting out the vibe. Hard. When I first saw him, it was a passing “oh, he’s pretty cute”, but I wasn’t the type of person to just go up and start talking to someone. I am outgoing, but not that out there. After a while, we were both still there, at Murphy’s Taproom on Elm Street, and my courage levels had increased significantly (thanks, Jack…;)). I had finally mustered up the courage to step out of my comfort zone. BUT, before, doing so, I elbowed my friend Dan and said “I’m going in” while nodding towards John and his buddies (who am i?!) He 1000% didn’t believe me, so armed with both courage and my pride, I marched over to John and tapped him on the shoulder and plastered a smile on my face. He. Didn’t. Turn. Around. I stood there for a few seconds reviewing all my options, and said “Self, you didn’t come this far to fail.” So, I slightly-less-than-pummeled John in the shoulder until he turned around. And turn around he did – as if swatting pesky gnats away on a hot summer night.

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I knew I had a brief window of opportunity, so instead of smiling and saying “Hi, I’m Lindsey”, I cut straight to the point. “Want to get a drink?” and promptly turned and started walking towards the bar without waiting for an answer. *palm- to- face* Luckily, he was intrigued enough by the female who physically accosted him in a bar and ordered him to have a drink with her, so when I reached the bar, he was right there next to me. We then spent a healthy 45 minutes to hour talking, finally exchanging names, and at the end of the night exchanged numbers with the promise of dinner and drinks in the future. On our first date, we were both brutally honest with one another, agreeing that if we really didn’t think there was anything for us in the future, we wouldn’t drag it out, because I didn’t have time for that, and he was fed up with girls. Because of that promise to one another, I never subdued any of my many endearing qualities *insert John’s eyeroll* like my affinity for Death Metal and Snoop Dog, or my love affair with mac and cheese and red wine. I had never gone into a relationship where someone fully knew me, guard down, from day 1. And it has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

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how they asked

John proposed while we were on family vacation out in Palm Springs, CA, at 7:25am Sunday morning, March 13th, 2016. With the sun rising over the desert and golf course, hitting the top of the mountains the view was more spectacular than I had ever seen. We woke up early that Sunday morning, which I am not sure how we did because the night before we were visiting with my moms’ cousin who lives in California…and make their own rocket fuel…excuse me, they call it Lemoncello, I call it rocket fuel. So, after making coffee, we each grabbed a cup and made our way into the desert right outside of where we were staying. As we were walking along, we came across an opening in the trees which overlooked one of the greens on the golf course. It had a gorgeous pond with aged palm trees hanging over it, and right behind them in the distance were beautiful snow capped mountains. It was a view that I needed to capture, and so I told John to stay there while I backed up a little bit to snap a photo of him from behind looking at the scenery.

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I, of course, wanted one as well, who wouldn’t! So we switched off holding coffees and camera, and as I stood waiting for John to take my picture, I saw his shadow bend down behind me. In my mind I was thinking, “Seriously, John? I don’t need a picture of my bum with this view” and sighed to myself. He said “OK, I think I got it.” I turned around slowly starting to make a sarcastic comment, and then stopped mid sentence, because there he was, on one knee buried in the desert sand, holding the promise of a lifetime of memories, laughing, and family in his hands.

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I was speechless and overwhelmed by my emotions; after saying yes, we took a few minutes of time by ourselves living in the moment, before heading back and sharing the news with our families and friends. It was the perfect proposal – private, quiet, and most importantly, US.

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