Lindsey and Jeff

Image 1 of Lindsey and Jeff

How We Met

My fiance and I met on line, which we think is so silly! We were literally around the corner from each other our whole lives. Growing up he was around the corner from my uncle’s house where I spent a lot of time. There is no doubt we watched the same fire works on 4th of July as kids. In college, we overlapped at Illinois State University for at least a year. After college we were in the same Chicago neighborhood. When the time was right in our lives we found each other, and now we’ll never be apart. (Photo shown is our first picture together, on our fifth date.)

how they asked

He proposed on New Year’s Eve. Five years exactly after the first time he texted me. After dinner he asked me to go with him to a restaurant very special to us. On the way to the restaurant we stopped at Wicker Park where he got down on one knee in front of the fountain lit up with twinkle lights. He told me some very touching things, and I said YES! When we finally made it to the restaurant, we called our family and friends to ring in the new year!

Image 2 of Lindsey and Jeff